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Houghton-Hancock Bridge - lifted to allow that boat to pass under
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@madale: See below for peter49 remarks.

It connects Houghton and Hancock in Michigan - crosses Portage Lake. Built 1959.

I have not visited US so have not seen this.

Where is this bridge.? enjoyed doing the puzzle. Thanks for publishing.


I made a mistake there is only one vertical lift bridge on Cape Cod. Bridge is up for water vessels, down for trains. Not too many trains going to Cape Cod.

I presume the road bridge is lifted to let rail pass under with adequate clearance? Problem with trains is the very flat slopes / gradients compared to roads.


@Peter49: We have two identical vertical lift bridges in Massachusetts, Cape Cod.
They are mostly up and down for railroad traffic. Just dropped by to say hello.

Built 1959 - see puzzles by cactusgulch - different type of lift to hinge.

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