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Ordered some TP online 2 days ago.

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The world is a strange and wonderous place.


I had read in the gospel about TP Land (when translated from Hebrew means "the promised land"), but I didn't know it really existed until I saw this puzzle. I now believe we will ALL be saved... yes, even the little rodents with stubby tails and moving in slow motion will be saved


The whole purpose of TP is to do just that.


Geez, those rolls are going scratch the s*** off my butt leaving me in lots of pain☺


Am resting now, will try later


If you wet the TP it will be easier to get in the door. Just saying.


That is why I do not use an online dating service.


However lucky you! When I order something online ... generally the goods arrive much smaller than my expectation ...


:::coming out of garage with duct tape, WD40, and a hammer:::

Ok, let me at the leak.

Solved it for the comments!


Then it would take a little house modification.


Only real issue with this tissue, is that I cannot get it in the door.


The job isn't finished till the paperwork is done.

Sigh.....only in my dreams here!!!


Specials for the wife..........