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frozen seawater

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35 pieces
1810811 solves
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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?
This seems to have been taken near Cleveland, Ohio.
It is not seawater, but lake water.
It is near the Coast Guard Station.

I wish I knew how this puzzle was shared around the world so much that the puzzle site became so widely used.

Jan. 19, 2011 - posted
Jan.19, 2012 - 836,474 - Pat Squire predicted it would never reach 1,000,000.
Jan.19, 2013 - 1,144,429
Jan,19, 2014 - 1,341,823
Jan. 9 (not 19), 2015 - 1,456,250
Jan. 19, 2016 - 1,540,519
Jan. 19, 2017 - 1,604,785
Jan. 19, 2018 - 1,650,928
Jan. 19, 2019 - 1,707,822
Jan. 19, 2020 - 1,746,808
Jan. 19, 2021 - 1,780,363
January 19, 2022
35 pieces
1,804,093 solves
What a long, strange trip it's been......... 11 years!

Starting 12 years and still working toward 2 million solves!
Keep 'em coming, folks!
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes.


♫ ♪ ♫ Haaaaappppy birthdaaaaaay to you! ♬ ♪ ♫

♪ ♫ ♪ Haaaaappppy birthdaaaaaay to you! ♩♬ ♪

♩♬ ♪ Haaaaappppy birthdaaaaaay dear Joanie! ♪ ♫ ♪

♪ ♫ ♬ Haaaaappppy birthdaaaaaay to yooooouuuuu! ♫ ♩♬


Happy Birthday Joan I did say so on Anks card to you so Happy Birthday again and I hope you have many more to come and no I have not bought any Choclates or cakes
Thee Hee !!!!!!




Happy birthday, Joan.



Just wondering about the rest of you .... how many times have you worked this puzzle? Me? I must be close to 100 times now, in my attempt to help make it to 2million.







The ice cream social was held but I chose not to attend because Covid cases were soaring at the time in my area. The first pandemic year it was cancelled.


Been awhile since I have been here. I had lost my link. tanhse37's comment helped me find it again. Added 3 more solves. I had corned beef and cabbage too. grins!☺


193,688 solves to go!

Moin moin!!!


. . . and I'll bet those stories are priceless!! My Dad knew a thousand also, and kept his grandchildren entertained for years LOL


Oh yeah. I had a jumpmaster sergeant who was missing a middle finger. (He had 1000 stories of how THAT happened!) When he gave the 10-minute warning he flashed both hands and then one finger! I could go on forever....


Hi Pat - spent twenty-five years in Columbus, Army brat. Ever hear the saying "Stand IN the door" LOL


That work, thanks.


Thanks @Magnus for confirming that the "load more comments" function that you implemented means that lots of comments don't slow down puzzles loading anymore, so they don't need to be removed for that reason. (❛ᴗ❛)


I am still active, I just don't post anymore, because . . .


bevpuzzler8. Thank you for the tag. I went back and removed the few posts I had made awhile ago now that we are able to do so. I saw lots of multiples of folks who are still active and saw posts of some folks who no longer are active. Wonder how people will know they are to remove their posts....I did not know this was an issue until I happened to see it mentioned here. ;-))


Going way, way back to the very beginning I found and deleted 10 very old comments.

@joan454 has noted above that on January 19, 2012 I predicted that we'd never reach 1,000,000. We had been asked to guess when we'd reach the 1,000,000 milestone. That was a tongue-in-cheek prediction based on four nonsensical arguments, which I now display again for your merriment! ☺

patsquire 24 January 2012

OK, I guess..............never!

By the Law of Diminishing Returns, the closer we get to 1,000,000 the fewer people will participate and the less frequently it will be solved.

By Einstein's Theory of Relativity the closer you get to the speed of light the more massive you become, until you can't accelerate any further or go any faster, so you can never reach the speed of light.

By the Law of Half every time you get half-way from where you are to 1,000,000, you still have half-way to go, and since there are infinite half-ways to go you can never get there.

AND FINALLY by the law of Democrats And Jesse Jackson you can win the early primaries by landslides and start piling up delegates for the presidential nomination, but as you actually start to become a possible nominee, Democrats vote for you less and less, until you come to a screeching halt.

So I say..............we'll never make it to 1,000,000!

Thank you very much for your response. Happy new year to you and family. 1-4-22

Jigidi staff

Hi @bevpuzzler8

No, there is no reason, so I've fixed the bug :-)

As for the number of comments, @RandomWorship is right. We implemented "load more comments" to prevent the page from slowing down on less powerful computers. If any of you still experience this problem, let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

Good afternoon Magnus,
Sorry to bother you, but not being able to remove a person's comment (If old stuff)
Is there a reason why it cannot be removed. Just wondering ..just to clear my head.
Thanking you in advance. Dec. 17, 2021...12:47pm USA


Hi @patsquire - I'm pretty sure that when Jigidi implemented the "load more comments" button at the bottom of the page, they fixed the issue of the page loading slowly due to the volume of comments. I strongly suspect that's why they implemented it! My recommendation is to double-check with TPTB/Jigidi about whether lots of comments is really an issue anymore. (❛ᴗ❛)


Thank you so much, @Bekkabee, I gave it a try and it worked just fine.


I found 2 comments from 2019, but could not remove them.

I went back 4+ years; I had made only two comments. Erased both.

If your comments are not showing remove ------------------------------------just about here---
then notify Denmark they will fix it.

You mean everything you have ever posted and you say you cannot remove???
Doesn't it show you on your post "remove" in the upper right hand of the post

most of mine I deleted


I don't think I ever tried. It won't let me work it again, only one try these days and mine was long ago.

Here is another "We've come a long way,Baby"...12-15-21 :))


I think it would be easier to ask Jigidi to just remove all
but the top 15... or let them decide what to keep.
It sort of looks like that's what they're doing anyway.
I love this puzzle and hope it stays on forever.


Great to see this puzzle and do it, thanks


Amazing this is still going! :)


Just popped by... Congratulations on 1792031
solves :)


nanab: so it is not just me.


So cool that this one is still going!


Hi Clive, let me repeat that Ank does indeed know that you came back to Jigidi only because of her and she appreciates that very much. She acknowledged that and her affection for you in her last-but-one comment on her 'Keep on Smiling' puzzle, saying that if her cancer had one positive result, it was that it brought you back to Jigidi. That's quite a statement! You must feel very honoured.
We all hope that she's responding to the treatment for her lung cancer, but she still has quite a way to go and is still struggling at the moment. Fingers crossed please. She needs our virtual support.



Gut zu lösen

I get to read peoples thoughts from back then.

1:18 1786212


I pressed the "refresh button" and I could do the puzzle again (with a score worse than last time


Clive, we love you and need you! Get some help to sort out your problem with this puzzle and *come back.*






Thanks, @nanb I did see that link. The change I wish they would do is to make a two-finger touch open or shrink the play area, like on the app. If you like to make the leaderboard, like I do, those extra seconds it takes to do the plus and minus make a difference. At least now I know how to review the final puzzle image without wasting time by pushing P. That is helpful to know.


@fridaynightfunkinfan I told them I would be happy to pay more than the ad-free fee I am already paying. I have had hundreds of hours of enjoyment from Jigidi. I'm just so surprised at the low per cent of people that use the app on the iPad. I'll keep working on getting used to the website.


@nanab just to let you know Jigidi has explained that lack of ad-free users of the iPad app and limited resources is causing Jigidi to eliminate the app.


This was my suggestion nanab - in order to reach a lot of people, given how many folks have commented on this puzzle, and follow it, over the years. (❛ᴗ❛)


Hi Frozen Sea Water puzzle solvers and friends! It was me who suggested that Dotty share this news here, as I know this puzzle reaches a lot of people, and that some/many of those folks might also be iPad Jigidi app users. If you are, or know someone who is, please share this news and contact Jigidi to let them know how the decision will impact on you. (❛ᴗ❛)




Thanks for sharing your story, patsquire!


leider den code nach 5 mal lösennicht erhalten


well done ☺☺


Congratulations still slow


5 More for the round number!


50 solves today in honor of the anniversary! 1780495.


Happy anniversary, Joan. Solve 1,780,400.


Greetings from Denmark:-)


1777777 !










Actually - I don't think you need to worry about the number of comments anymore - since Jigidi introduced the "load more comments" button at the bottom of the page. This feature displays a certain number of recent comments (I don't know how many), and hides the rest behind that button. You can display them of course, but then that could well slow down the loading of the page....... (❛ᴗ❛)


Do I get a prize for being the slowest solver EVER? LOL, just kidding. This puzzle is beautiful! It reminds me of stories my parents told me of living in Toledo, which is about 100 miles (160.35km) east of Cleveland. Back in the 1940's. my Dad had to build a little fire under his car every morning before he could start it! B-r-r-r-r! I'm glad we live in Oregon, where the snow is usually on the hills where we can enjoy it without having to be out in it unless we want to. Many Hugs to everyone who has done this puzzle, & special ones to Joan454 for sharing it with us ~ just look at how many hours of fun you have given to all of us! XXX Gina


Thanks @Magnus. I recall from my very early days of Jigidi, there was lots of conjecture about the the leaderboard always changing the places of people with the same times. First in, best dressed seems fairest to me too. (❛ᴗ❛)

Jigidi staff

@RandomWorship, yes. Thought it would be fair that way. You'll keep your spot unless beaten.

@Jumble, hmm, well, if you'll accept that we may have to roll back the extended leaderboard one day if it turns out to be a technical challenge, then sure :-) Exceptions in the code tend to cause trouble down the road. But as the extended leaderboard on this puzzle hasn't caused any problems yet, I doubt it will be an issue.


Hi @Magnus - if poolcue, jumble and snooker all have the same solving time, how is that snooker is on the leaderboard? Is it "first in, best dressed"?

Jigidi staff

I noticed your conversation about the leaderboard. It's not locked and @poolcue, @Jumble, and @snooker share place 15 on the board with a solving time of only 47 seconds! (my best is 58 seconds).

snooker made the time in June 2015, poolcue 8 days ago and Jumble today!

Nature never ceases to amaze me!




1 771326


1 771325


WOW (❛ᴗ❛) ❤ 1769511 ❤


Beth, on your screen you see the compleet puzzle. In the right top corner of your screen you see
+ - ...
click on ...
then you get several possibilities. play a bit with them and you will see that you can do a few things, there is also a restart button.






Just missed the board with 1:47. It would be great to get to 2000000 solves!




I don't usually post, but 20 more today, 1765 094.


1764561 - Saw the post on Facebook and wanted to add to the count. What an impressive solve count.


Een heel mooie puzzel .



On my Samsung Galaxy S-6 tablet I have to:
1. Click on green "Solve Puzzle" button, (lower Right of picture.)
2. Click on "•••" Button, (upper Right of window.)
3. Above picture, click on "?" button. (3rd from RIGHT)
4. Click on boxed "Restart" button, (Right side, below picture.)

I hope this helps.


1,763,880 and I could redo the puzzle 3 times in a row.


oh- if l try that l will never be able to get back to this.
My ineptitude with the computer is legendary. but thanks anyway-


Could it be a windows problem?
l just assumed it was Jigidi.




l find they don't allow more than once- that has happened to me lots of times.


And mine! Plus I checked out Joan's page and found several more I liked and bookmarked, so thanks Pat for introducing me to a new (to me) puzzler!!! Hi! Joan, I'm Nancy.


just added my contribution- thanks Pat.
July 14, 2020




1.760.146 :-)

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