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81 pieces
45 solves
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  1. Helix5:47
  2. sheshe166:01
  3. Surreal_Heidi6:04
  4. scbrown6:04
  5. ebkrueg6:39
  6. babray6:39
  7. cobra7:28
  8. olando7:32
  9. batyusaron9:16
  10. anil529:27


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The Venezuelan Poodle Moth — the almost unreal looking subject of the popular meme — is believe it or not, a real animal, not a hoax. The species was only recently identified, in 2009, but there are actually quite a few rather closely related moth species that look just as interesting/strange.
Cakes, The above is unsolicited and if you are not pleased with the info. I shall remove it. No problem. Bev 12-7-18


Hi Heidi ~ I don't know if you could get any of these but I bet there's a way to purchase the Chinese silk worm moth. :)))


This is adorable!!! I'd like some for pets.


Well, yes it does.


To me, it does. It looks somewhat like the Chinese silk worm moth. ;))))))))


It doesn't look real does it.


Hi janclaire, olando, Beth & Pennylope ~ I found it interesting too. They think or thought it a new species when discovered in 2009. :)))))))

And Happy Halloween to you, too!


I wonder if they patterned the Gremlins for the movie, after them??


I wouldn't like to meet it, but I think it's interesting:-)))))

The dickens you say! Never saw anything like it!

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