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R.I.P. Vleermuis

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I just wanted to show the animal before i put hur under It was a young bad falling out of the nest under my roof. Sorry..if it,s shockin that is not my intentian.
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Aww poor little one, it is too bad as they are good for catching insects I think. It is not too shocking as these things do sometimes happen. It is always sad when things or people die but it is part of life we must live with. I agree the is nothing you could have done to stop it from happening. Thank you for the picture though as it is interesting to see something most of us do not see while they are living. I don't think I would want to see it flying at me though. Thank you. BunnyLeigh


Thanks Anitas


I agree with Lia. Death of anything is always disturbing, but it happens. It was an interesting photo.


Thanks Lia Ik was wel van slag door de reactie maar heb de 2 met de poes er bij verwijderd. Net wat je zegt ik vond hem te mooi om niet te fotograferen. Wanneer zie je nu zo dichtbij. Voor de vleermuis vond ik het sneu maar ja shit happens. Er worden ook wel eens jonge vogels opgegeten hier als ze uit de nest hokjes komen , Dat vind ik ook erg maar dat is moeder natuur. Mijn kat heeft hem niet gedood. Dank je wel voor je begrip.


Adriana. If it fell out of your roof to the ground and died of the fall, I can't see what you could have done or how you could have stepped in to prevent it from dying.
Yes, dead is Always confronting. But on the other hand: all and everything dies. This animal died by an accident. Some will find it interesting to see it (apart from the fact that it has died) as one kind of animal one never or seldom sees so exactly, just sees them flying in the dusk.
Others, as Linda, apprantly find it disgusting and shocking.
One can never make everybody happy, and please do what you think best: take the picture off or leave in on.
But please do not be upset by hard words from anone; each person has an own opinion and own feelings and looks on things from a different angle.


I was sitting outsite Linda and my camera was on the table. But if this is too shocking i wil take it away


Sorry, Adriana, you had a very hard time recently and I sent you heartfelt messages of support. My concern for you in your grief was genuine. So I'm very surprised that you could stand by and watch this grotesque drama of death unfold without stepping in. And worse, grab a camera and document it for Jigidi. Truly gross.

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