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Pip, Gunhilde and Reet Petite

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Gunhilde and I have been friends for 4 years. Her first partner, Gerard, was the first gull I knew personally and grew up with my cats. He is no more, but this is the 3rd generation of Gunhilde's chicks to dine at my table. Literally.


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Good to know.

Ha! Bella and Shadow both know that the gulls are family. And no sensible cat would annoy a herring gull who's guarding her children. Amazingly, they all co-exist in peace.


Did you being entertainment for Bella?

Here is Gerard!

Thank you NanaKP, I'm very fond of them!

It is indeed special, Impie, and all the local cats seem to have worked out that I won't allow the gulls to be messed with. I'm currently trying to persuade a foster-cat to leave them alone. I was very upset when Gerard disappeared, so I can sympathise with your friend. And I love his name! Meeuw is brilliantly evocative of their call ...


This is very special, sbl....I can see the back of your cat below too.

My best friend had a daily visit from a Herring Gull on her balcony for months and she fed him. She called him Guus, after a Dutch singer called Guus Meeuwis☺☺☺ (Meeuw is Dutch for Gull). Then we went on holiday to the UK in July 2016 for only 5 days, but when she got home Guus wasn't there and she never saw him on her balcony ever since!!!! (Her neighbours were happy about it though!)


Oh, I love it. And I love their names! Cute set.