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Vintage Postcard with Cancelled Stamp

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If you are standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, you are in walking distance of the Paris Stamp Market!
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  1. BEG13:23
  2. bsobhani19:04
  3. ckck19:49
  4. Miff20:04
  5. Queenie5520:25
  6. arthurbl20:47
  7. jizzywill21:02
  8. julieK23:08
  9. nrjig25:04
  10. olinciak25:41


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You remind me that mine are now vintage (defined as more than 50 years) from the 1950s and 60s mostly. I should put them in low wide bowl, in the center of the table. . . then they can be looked at. . . not that I've any visitors during this time. Thank you fo rthis card I posted back in February. Nice to see it again.


I have saved every postcard I ever received, but nothing as pretty as this!


I got a vintage postcard (front side. . .no stamps) for everyday beginning tomorrow, until Valentines Day!

Loved the puzzle. Thanks


Thank you. Let's hunt for such online!

I enjoyed doing this puzzle .... I love old postcards. This was so interesting with the cancelled red stamp. Thank you.

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