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One beautiful red bud was nipped off just before blooming by a hungry deer, but this one was spared.

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Oh no, Dobra! Not roses! Don't the thorns hurt their mouths? 😊


JoJo, I have the same experience with roe deer. They also like to enjoy my flowers. They like roses the most. :-)

Thank you janemartin, I will definitely try that. I have been bringing in two geraniums for a few years now but have been leaving them in the pots. They fade a bit in winter but perk right up when I put them out again in late spring. ☺️


did you know you can store Geranium's in basment...pull them hang them up side down ....


Yes we bring them in...wash most of the dirt of the Tuber and store in a cool dry dark place...I use a put them in and I have a basement...I have stored them under a stair well ...they multiply big time...

Janemartin, are they annuals or perennials in Kansas? This one is potted but I thought I might try to bring it inside in autumn. ☺️


I feed all wild creatures too...I have red Cannas Kansas we have hot summers...and they do well here...

janemartin, I feed the birds and chipmunks so I shouldn't be surprised that other creatures help themselves ☺️

You're welcome, Val ☺️


Good one thank you JoJo ☺♥



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