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Morning Visitor

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Cute visitor stopped by and hung out in the garage with me for a bit this morning. I offered her a cuppa my morning brew, but she declined, being too busy keeping an eye out on a near by road runner looking for a mid morning snsck.
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  1. auntmom71:07
  2. beatlecarol1:23
  3. Raaike1:23
  4. mapletree1:25
  5. Pekaji1:34
  6. Berroye1:40
  7. alias2v1:47
  8. wshealy1:49
  9. Robbos1:52
  10. demile1:54


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This one does not, Marilyn, although there are some out here (the skinks) with blue bellies and tails. The Tucson Herpotoligical Society lists over 40 varieties of lizards here in the Sonoran Desert. This young lady is most likely one of the several types of spotted lizards.


Do these little lizards have blue bellies?


I think so too. :-))) ♥


I suppose water probably would be better than coffee, Raaie.


Maybe that guy is satisfied with a bowl of water ? :-))) ♥

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