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Theme this week: Vintage Photos (Especially old B&W ones of community life & family photos)

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My hubby and me on my sister's wedding day September 1968
We were 'going steady' for a couple of months and this was the first "official photo" taken of us together. I'd been in hospital for 3 days as I had my tonsils removed 10 days earlier and my neck and face felt and looked blown up, but I was happy to be able to go to my sister's wedding! ☺☺
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LOL also made me read the comments again :-)))


Just doing all my bookmarked "people" look lovely! Had a giggle over the hot pants and mini skirts' conversation again. ;DDD


Hi Marilyn, I just reread my comment....what must you be thinking of my mum when I said : "she didn't wear anything else than pantalons...of course she wore blouses and shirts too...LOL


My Mom also did not wear slacks or jeans. I frustrated her because that was all I wanted to wear. I wore culottes to school with matching jackets Mom made. We lived in the Caribbean at the time so I wore slacks or jeans rarely then. She made several loose-fitting cotton dresses with puff sleeves. I wore bikinis that were shocking to my family and friends back in the midwest. Now in the summer, I wear capris or as we used to call them pedal pushers. When we are over 90 F or 33 C I wear shorts.


I had bought a yellow Hot Pants outfit (at 16) and my mum (at 45) finally after always only wearing skirts and dresses, had made herself a pantalon. But did she dare wear it outside???? ☺☺ She said to me, if you'd put on your Hot Pants then I'll put on my pantalon and we'll go to the pharmacy (at the other side of the square across our street). She figured everyone would be focussed on my Hot Pants and not her pantalon. We walked arm in arm and I'm sure heads have turned, but nobody made any remark. What a victory....mum did still wear dresses and skirts, but she was happy to wear pantalons as well. In fact, when she lost the front of her foot due to diabetes later in life, she didn't wear anything else than pantalons! ☺♥☺


Marilyn, at least we were trendy. My hot pants outfit was a Christmas present from my Mum and I took her with me when I bought it. I do remember she looked a bit confused when I popped out of the change room to show her how good it looked and all she could say "Oh, are you buying shorts?" Oh Mum???????? ☺☺☺


I had one Hot Pants outfit I purchased in college. My mother was 1000 miles away and never saw it. I had my College Senior photo taken while wearing it. I did not buy a yearbook so I don't have my photo.




Ohhhh, Faye, thanks for the laugh and for reminding me about the hot pants. It quite makes me shudder now as I now my legs were pretty skinny back than (unfortunately that did not improve over the years) and I possibly looked a sight but what the heck, they were 'in' so I had to have them. Ha! Ha! I just have to laugh at the memory. ☺☺☺☺


Impie, if it was 'in' I wore it. I swear nobody could tease their hair better than me and I see adverts on the TV now that teasing hair with this spiky big brush is a newly discovered way of doing your hair. I feel like yelling back at he TV "Been there...done that!". I never went for the 'beehive' style but back then I reckoned my hair was my crowning glory. Sadly that is no longer true but what can one do? ♥♥♥♥


I did try on a hot pants outfit once with my sister in a department store fitting room...I nearly suffocated trying to get the "dress" part off over my shoulders in such a tight fit while we were both "rolling on the floor" laughing at what the newspaper headlines would be..."Woman Strangled in Department Store Fitting Room by Hot Pants Outfit"! LOLOL


It's OK Bird, no apology needed...... I love to read those conversations between our friends! ☺

Thank you, Pammi, I've been wearing shorter skirts as well, but for this occasion, my mum made it a 'decent' and yet modern length LOL
Did you also wear op-art in the early 60s...the black&white checkered clothes? ♥♥♥♥


I love this picture of you and André, Impie and your mini skirt brings back so many wonderful memories for me of the swinging 60s and what a fun time those years were ♥♥♥♥


I had three cats previously... now also in my 70's have a one year old... so I have to live for at least another 15-20. My husband is good at denial and I should never listen to him. Oliver was in a shelter and my husband said "we are going to give him the best life he could ever have". So God be with us.

Sorry Impie we highjacked your conversation!


Ah, BirdNana, I was there only in the late as a pre-schooler. My grandmother had sickened and could not care for me so I was considered "adoptable" ...and ended up in Ohio. I don't really have much memory of it but the language in bits and pieces. I've studied it more and I've actually taught it to other Cherokee folks...but speaking fluidly still eludes me.


Born and raised,left in the early 80's before things started to get bad
Enjoyed your stories! All meant to be.☺️❤️


@BirdNana I used to have a lovely cat....his picture is still my "card"....whose name was Atsutsa ....this is a Cherokee word describing a boy between the ages of 7-13 or so. The age when a child can follow directions but hasn't become ornery with it. He sickened and died nearly a year and a half ago and I still miss him something awful. I'm a Septagenarian now.


@Atsutsa nice to meet you! I am a "Bird" that loves cats!


Yeah, lurdo, he and I were each other's keeper' so to speak! :))

You never break away because both of you were in love,


Thank you for your visit, Iris. I'm actually glad I did make it to our own wedding of December 1972, because when my hubby's sister married 1. October 1973 I was just one week out of hospital after an appendectomy and was admitted for 10 days, which was standard those days! ☺☺

I'm glad you enjoyed it ,dbnc, thank you.:)

Why thank you, niccoline....I'd had quite a long history of a sore throats and tonsillitis and antibiotics did only help for a short while in the end, so when I had enough I decided to go to ENT and mentioned I wanted them out. He agreed but I had to wait for 2 more weeks as my parents needed to give consent for the surgery and they were on Holiday! As soon as they were back home they signed and within a week I was in the clinic to get them out! The pain felt much less than when I had tonsillitis!☺
Our kids can make us feel real old, don't they? ☺☺☺
What a coincidence that your brother was also called André♥

Why tank you, Marilyn and Mike!☺ Thanks, my mum (of course she did) had made this white dress for me but the cardigan was bought at the store. I met my hubby at work in 1967 and a couple of months later we were an item! ♥☺♥

Thank you, Ella. Yes, I do have lots of memories of that day, but it did strike me that I see the wet floor reflecting my shoes in this photo, I don't have any recollection of my sister having rain on her wedding day! (I was probably too much in L-U-V to pick that up!) LOL

Thank you, Lynetteoz. I bet it's only you who sees that about the dress, you shouldn't feel embarrassed (anymore)! ...try to have a good laugh over it! :-))

Thank you, GG. I was feeling so proud to show my new beau to the family who came to my sisters wedding. It also moved quite a few tongues...or so I've heard! :-))

Thank you, Betty. Yes, I'm glad we found each other when we were so young! ♥☺♥☺

Why thank you, Bird.:) ....are you from Puerto Rico?

Thank you, Nancy....yes, lots of sweet memories too. I'm glad you enjoyed the story....♥ ;-))

Why thank you, lurdo. We were part of each other's life for 44 were good years!!!♥

You were A great Couple


Sweet photo.....lovely memories....enjoyed the story. ♥ :-))


I think sometime/someplace it would be a wonderful exchange among friends as to where we all live or have lived. I'm in New Mexico.


@canoekaw I wonder how many Puerto Rican's are here in Jigidi.


Very handsome couple!

Now that's a handsome couple with a full, bright life ahead of them! ♥☺♥☺


What a lovely photo of the two of you, Impie! Thank you for sharing!


Great pic and lovely outfit Impie. I have a similar photo in 1972 with my soon to be hubby at his brothers wedding but I wore a friends bridesmaid dress. I looked ridiculous and still feel embarrassed by it all these years later - oh well :-)


What a beautiful photo of you and Andre! I'm sure it brings back wonderful memories. Never had my tonsils out, but I can imagine how sore your throat must have felt and I bet you were delighted to be able to go to the wedding with your special beau, too!


I shared this photo with my husband who said, "A handsome couple." I admired your outfit and how pretty you looked. I was a senior in high school and had yet to meet my husband in Kansas as I was in Puerto Rico.


You look beautiful with your handsome beau, Impie! Brave after the tonsilectomy! I love that phraze, 'going steady' (along with 'courting') which my daughter (who's 34) laughs at these days! Btw, my brother's name was Andre!

Thanks for sharing it's so good to have pictures
You look so happy


Thank you for sharing this story! So glad you got well for the big event! ♥♥♥


Thank you, Anne. Yeah, I was 16 and I had my tonsils out under local anesthesia!!! I still recall the injections in my throat and when the ENT doctor finished he showed me the bowl with the 2 huge tonsils in it and asked:"aren't they beautiful?" I shook my head and did 'uh-uh' ☺☺ I also quietly practised saying :"André" just to be sure I could still talk and hadn't lost my voice! LOL


Oh, my tonsils as an adult. Mine were gone before I reached 3....and I'm quite thankful for less surgery to remember. You both looks so splendid!


LOL Faye, :-)))

Why thank you, I guess some were jealous. Our love was still young and when I showed this photo to someone she said: "samen op een prentje, maakt aan de liefde snel een endje"....which means "together in one picture (when it's still so young) it will soon end!"......ha....did we prove her wrong.....♥♥♥


Has Patrick grown a moustache? Oops, silly me! ;)))))

Such a beautiful young woman and her handsome beau! You made a lovely your girlfriends were jealous. ❤️❤️❤️

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