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Another one for you, Ginger, and all Owl lovers out there.


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Hey again, Gloria. I now have your "real" name but I always thought it might be Gloria. :)) Thank you for stopping by and checking out my adorable Owl picture. He is so cute trying to hide from the camera. I wonder who made that picture. Good to see you again and take care of yourself. I'm not photogenic either and usually end up somehow with my eyes closed in a picture. (ha, ha)

Just stopped by to say this is so cute and he looks like he is trying to hide. I would too cause I really am not very photogenic. Thank you for this Puzzle. Gloria


Oh, I think the same, Donna, I would hate to lose you or any of my other friends. And I wish you have a great weekend too! Many hugs! :-)


I decided to check my "site" this morning again and found all these posts about the problems with Jigidi. I had seen some of these a day or two ago on some of the other folk's sites and thought it was fixed. Margaret, when I saw yours, I was so sad, but then I saw that everything worked out and all is well, thank goodness. :))) So glad you loved my Owl, Margaret. All of you are so nice and such good friends that I would hate to lose any of you. Thanks for all your comments. I hope all of you have a great weekend.


Oh yes, Jason, this is SO great! :-)) Thank you very much and I wish you have a wonderful weekend!! Greetings!!


This is great, Madj, Teresa and Donna. Now we all can have fun at Jigidi again. Have a great weekend, ladies.


I really enjoyed your puzzle Donna! What a beautiful owl with such a sweet face as tere_a1 said! Thanks for posting all of your beautiful owls hugs to you ☺♥


Hi Jason. As tere_a1 said everything is ok now. I was so relieved too! ☺


Hi Jason. Yes, everything is alright now! :-) And I agree with you: What a relief! :-))


Hi Madj, Tere_a1 and Donna, everything is back to normal at Jigidi when I switched on my computer this morning and check all the unaccessible sites of last night.

I am sure yours will be fine, too.

What a relief!


The same is hapenning to me :-(


Thanks so much for your comment jasonchung. I thought that I had been evicted for some reason.


Dear Margaret and Donna, for the past few hours, I have also not be able to gain access to My Puzzles, Bookmarked Puzzles, In Progress Puzzles and Completed Puzzles. Other than that everything seems to be working fine.

Hope that Jigidi is just having some computer issues that they will be able to resolve soon.


Hi Donna, sorry but you wont be seeing me on jigidi any longer because it appears that I have been kicked off. I have no idea why but I can't get into my puzzles at all and they sent no explanation why. I wish you all the best dear friend. xo have a wonderful life. I really enjoyed hearing from you and loved my times with jigidi. Will miss it all. ♥ Margaret


Thank you, jasonchung, for stopping by to see my cute Owl. I also think he has a beautiful face. Yes, he seems to be "playing" with the photographer. :) I see that you made the TOP of the Leaderboard too. Great!


"Hi, there. Did you manage to get a good shot of me?"

He/she has a beautiful face.

Thank you dblay.


Thank you Annie, Connie and Ladywil2. I am so glad you all stopped by to admire my Owl(s). I love your comments too. See you all at some point later on a puzzle. :)


You have posted some nice pictures of lovely owls.

Beautiful shot of the owl Donna. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks for sharing. connie


This IS adorable. He is playing peekaboo. Great timing. Hugs to you!


So glad you found the Owl, Ginger. I knew you would love it. Glad you stopped by and I will be "talking" to you later on your site. Hugs to you, my friend.


Found it..♥..Peeking at the world as it goes by. 5:55~Thanks for this sweet owl Donna. Many hugs for you. xxx♥♥


Thank you Teresa, olando and Marian for stopping by and commenting on my beautiful Owl. I also think he is playing "peek-a-boo" with the photographer. He looks so soft. Glad all of you loved him too.


I like this owl Donna...seems to be playing peek-a-boo with the photographer.... :)


Thank you from an Owl lover:-)


How sweet face! Beautiful picture, Donna! Thanks for sharing it with us! Many hugs! :-)