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Mosaic 203 (400)

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400 pieces
380 solves
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Thought I'd make a puzzle that was a bit more challenging.
This one has 6 owl tiles, but my favourite HAS to be the penguins (row 5, column 5).
Hope you have fun with it, and have a great weekend!
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  1. mcoward28:31
  2. Loren22929:44
  3. UncleBuzz4034:05
  4. backis35:10
  5. angih35:32
  6. redwine73136:49
  7. krispindl37:38
  8. slp52740:09
  9. Clavis40:38
  10. sachooooo40:41


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thanks CC, glad you liked it :)


Nice. Thank you.


lol :) (holy macaroni)
congratulations for sticking with it Sassy! :D

Holy Macaroni that was a tough one !! But 1 hour and 33 minutes later I finally finished it !!


Thanks elletee :)
Glad you enjoyed it!


I really enjoyed this, made such a change! Thank you!


Heh - yes, it's challenging :)
Glad you liked it, sue!

I liked the black and white, thought it would be easier than it proved to be. Thanks, Miriam.


Thanks siouxz, Shadow, adict, denn, jan, Addie, Mahalo, Atlantic, baglady, and whatnauts!!
Wow - I didn't think so many people would enjoy a (mostly) black & white puzzle.
& denn, I tried using the Crayola's for you, but ended up ruining my computer screen instead :/ (& honestly, I don't think fishing would've been more fun)
& Shadow, I did create another b&w puzzle - quite a while ago though .... it was puzzle 34. If you scroll back through the pages, you'll find it.
As for the time it takes .... if it's any consolation, it took me much longer as well :)
So glad you all enjoyed it, and thanks so much for leaving a comment!


Wow, you're either brilliant or the devil! I can't decide. LOL (1:11:42)


very good


well, it took me an embarrassing amount of time, but completely loved it. Well done mimluc !

An absolute challenge - and I loved it. Thanks.

mims, my longest 400 puzzle so far. ( I'm slow, most from 1:10 to 1:25. this one:2:03). Should have gone fishing. lol TKX~~Denn

well that was different~! and i loved it~! thanks miriam~!


WOW! Quite the challenge! Loved it! Thank you!

Mims, guess I'll tackle this one in the morning. Would you go ahead and use some Crayola's tonight?? LOL TKX~~Denn

Awesome. Thank you. You have started my weekend off well. I set myself a time to complete it in and came in 30 minutes under it so well pleased. didn't find all the owls but I loved the cats, the blue ribbons, cups and the palm prints. Thank you for a delightful puzzle to piece together.

Thank you thank you thank you. I have wanted a black and white puzzle for a long time. Mary Ann


Thanks Miriam, this was quite a challenge. Of course, the elephants were my favorite, "1:20:03"!

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