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Union Pacific 844, Phoenix, 11-14-2011 006

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Union Pacific 844,
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  1. crambob11:08
  2. Operatenor11:43
  3. NewSong12:11
  4. P9westy13:13
  5. Cadreamer13:40
  6. Budrox14:21
  7. pastorvines14:33
  8. Subs14:57
  9. SGinger15:03
  10. auershop15:13


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Now... this is a real Alco locomotive,

@ antlerlady I seen the Little River RR Tank engine in Owosso, Mich at their Steam show there a few years back. The Coldwater Station in now on my bucket list.

@antlerlady I saw your post about speeders.
Have you ever seen the ones at the scale railroads? White Creek RR has an open day where people can bring in their rides and run for a day!


PUzzleG: The two flags are the US flag of course, and the Arizona state flag. As to why they are there, i have no idea. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle.


Beautiful train! Can anyone tell me about the flags on this train? I thought they only put flags on a train that was carrying a President, or some sort of dignitary. Just wondering...


Yes i have, and got involved in some of the surveying of the property. This is located in Phoenix, which is in Maricopa County, not to be confused with the town of Maricopa, which is actually in the SW part of Pinal County.

Have you been to the Adobe Mountain Desert RR at Maricopa?


Then this probably brought back some sweet memories for you. Glad you liked it.

I was working as a Brakeman from Laramie to Rawlins, and 844 came thru and I followed her on the next train as head Brakeman. Boy, I still would have liked to have be able to ride in her. I appreciate all pictures of her.


lol, we went to bed with the train whistle every night. Track was about 3/4 mile from us, but let me tell you sound really travels in the mountains. We had campers think the train was coming toward us.


Sounds like you had a better adventure with 844 than we did Helen. You actually got to see it in action. All we got in Phoenix was a static display, except when it arrived, and left. I got to see it on the evening news, but all the action was happening while most people were at work.


antler, we were in Leadville Co managing a campground when the 844 come thru there. We were all asked to come down by the tracks when she came roaring thru. We all waved our blue ribbons and a friend put pennies on the track for us as a keepsake. I have her picture mounted with the penny and blue ribbon. Steam over Tennessee pass and the very last one. UP closed the tracks not to long after that.

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