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πŸ’¦~~ᨏ🌲 Canadian lakes 🌲ᨏ~~πŸ’¦

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Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

170 million years ago, the Earth's crust rose to form the largest mountain range on the planet in the next three folds, extending on both American continents from Alaska to the Land of Fire. This mountain range with fantastic sceneries was shaped by glaciers and erosion, and each part of it has its own specific beauty. One of the breathtaking parts is the Canadian National Parks in the Rocky Mountains.

A few days ago, Donna πŸ’¦dhiπŸ’¦ brought a photo and a beautiful story of Maligne Lake and inspired me to find photos of several iconic Canadian lakes. The photos were taken by my daughter in the fall of 2019, just before Covid
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Jerry 😎 β™₯:))


@Deanna Ha!


Marilyn, thank you for your nice description of this place and many thanks to Val for sending you the tag. I could have done that too, but the fence seemed too small β™₯:))


Val, you're right, thanks to that light, the photo doesn't look very optimistic. It is a great pity that the weather was not better when visiting those breathtaking lakes in late autumn. But that's life, not everything is all time bathed in sunlight. Thank you for coming to see my puzzles, as Jerry write, we're resuming our armchair travel β™₯:))


Jerry, Albert Einstein used the term relativity differently, but this word can be applied to this situation as well ... brrrr ... he he. Val and I have been joking for a long time that we travel together in our armchairs. I am pleased to say that our group of "passengers in an armchairs" is growing, maybe it's time to start a club, do you think? β™₯:))


JIll, I also don't think canoeing in such weather is the best idea ... but who knows, maybe we'd like it. Then there would have to be a full "cauldron" of tea with someone sharper ... LOL β™₯:))


I've been there - usually in the sunny summer. There's a tea house you can hike up to off to the right. The FENCE keeps us safe. Thanks for tag, @valt46


Deanna a sombre but inspiring photo thank you, Hugs ☺β™₯
@mariolyn a bit of fence ☺


@Deanna B-r-r-r This scene makes our current teen temperatures seem almost balmy! TFP, as always. Your galleries transport us beyond our armchairs exceedingly well. SSSW


Stunning and there appear to be people out on the lake in canoes. Brrr Thank you


Dear Dasa, thank you, I was moved by your words and I don't know what to say ... I'm probably blushing ... at this age !!! Canada is a beautiful vast country with pure nature and breathtaking mountains and lakes. My daughter brought a lot of photos so I could be there with her and now I had the opportunity to mediate it for you as well. I'm glad we saw it together. I wish you a wonderful rest of the evening and good night, we'll see together β™₯:))

Dear Deanna, thanks for the amazing photos. I consider Canada a wonderful country, even though I only know it from various documentaries and movies. Fantastic nature. I would have great respect before her remote places. You chose a great series. I will always love to compose your puzzles. It is not a merit, but a pleasure. Have a nice evening and see you, my friend. β™₯β™₯β™₯

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