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Mother’s Helpers

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  1. rrfan6:40
  2. annebarke8:00
  3. Maggie0078:05
  4. dartagnan8:08
  5. baba28:17
  6. Helis18:21
  7. gwendia8:42
  8. salvo4188:46
  9. tobiesch9:12
  10. littlem9:28


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Too funny about your son!!! Smart one,


I started baking and cooking when I was 10 yrs old. My Mom went to work with all the other ladies of our small town to war jobs, My brother was working in the fields with all the other available boys and men - so I was the sole "at home". Baked with Mom but meals I just followed the recipes or she told me what to do. My Mom was a great cook also and I guess I followed in her footsteps. I also carried on teaching my 3 boys and 1girl to cook - actually 2 boys and my girl. The oldest hated cooking so he deliberately would burn the food or othewise inedible. Needless to say he did not last long.LOL


Loved your message, Annie. My Mother was a fantastic cook and she did most all of it herself. There were times I watched and times I helped but my job was to wash the dishes afterwards, me and my sister, until she got married. I did take notes and help more as I got older so that I was able to cook okay when I got married. :-))


I never baked with my mom. She preferred my older sister because I always made a mess. I wasn’t orderly like my sis. She always had everything in front of her that was needed (smart) where I was always running around getting them and she cleaned everything before she put away. Needless to say,
I wasn’t the cleanest at baking. I always did my best afterwards when the storm hit the kitchen. My poor mom.!


Ahhh!!! Making "goodies." I remember those days. :-) The Kitty is waiting for someone to come play with him. :-) Great posting, Annie, and thank you for this memorable painting.

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