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Let's stay nearby home, Gismo!

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We had the first snow this morning, and the boys went out - and came back very fast to take a nap in the warmth...
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  1. lindaleigh5:10
  2. babray5:26
  3. thebetterhalf6:13
  4. Lynetteoz7:00
  5. tirol7:55
  6. rhjrgj7:56
  7. Dania618:01
  8. cbmuller8:16
  9. nillie10:42
  10. Lowmil12:16


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Lynette, if you can't tolerate the heat I quite understand. I am the same. I was born in Brisbane and always hated the heat. To be honest, all through summer I am like a bear with a sore head. After having lived in Perth for twenty five years, two years ago I got this fanciful idea that we should return to Queensland, which is what we did. I don't regret it but obviously I had forgotten how much I hate the heat and most especially, the humidity, so I absolutely do see your point. Good luck! ☺


Problem is Pammi I cannot tolerate the heat at all and am quite happy to rug up in winter time but hubby is not giving up :-)


Lynette, it's like being between a rock and a hard place, isn't it? It sure is hot here today. Sounds like there is a bit of to-ing and fro-ing going on at your house. Mind, if you moved up here you wouldn't then have to go too far for your holidays, would you? Decisions, decisions. Mmmmm, around about now perhaps I'd best bow out. ♥♥
P.S. ....and just think of the lovely warm winters....... ☺


Very smart of you to stay near the house. I think your friend wants to chase you around the house!


I don't know which I would choose the snow or the extreme heat of the Sunshine Coast (where my husband wants to move to). Think I would take the snow. Gorgeous photo of Jimmy :-)


Wow, the first snow????? It's hard to imagine when it is so hot here that we have the air conditioning going full blast. Jimmy, please sent me some snow if you have some to spare. ♥♥

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