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  1. Myriley3:48
  2. Urlauber20033:48
  3. juli04:03
  4. glscamp4:39
  5. HomeinNH4:44
  6. Kfgg4:50
  7. moffepa14:52
  8. naijaforever5:08
  9. cik01235:22
  10. Talitha5:23


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Thanks Jacki


What a wonderful story, Ronny!
Wonderul puzzle too. And here are all the general's stars. Thank you!


The following humorous story, as recounted in John Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You (an excellent book, by the way), illustrates the power of perception and preconceived notions:

After World War II, a general and his young lieutenant boarded a train in England. The only seats left were across from a beautiful young lady and her grandmother. The general and the lieutenant sat facing the women. As the train pulled out, it went through a long tunnel. For about ten seconds, there was total darkness. In the silence of the moment, those on the train heard two things — a kiss and a slap. Everyone on the train had his or her own perception of what happened.

The young lady thought to herself, I’m flattered that the lieutenant kissed me, but I’m terribly embarrassed that Grandmother hit him!

The Grandmother thought, I’m aggravated that the young man kissed my granddaughter, but I’m proud she had the courage to retaliate!

The general sat there, thinking to himself, My lieutenant showed a lot of guts in kissing that girl, but why did she slap me by mistake?

The lieutenant was the only one on the train who knew what really happened. In that brief moment of darkness, he had the opportunity to kiss a pretty girl and slap his general.

have a nice weekend ....:-))))



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