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Claude Monet - Path Through the Corn at Pourville, 1883 (Apr17P21)

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In this landscape painting, Monet painted the curved path that draws the eye towards the blue sea on a lovely summer day.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 12, 20, 35 and 63 pieces. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

I also post puzzles at jasonchung2 (my main account).
jasonchung is my second account.
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account,
however, the puzzles there are still available for solving.

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You are welcome, Mydoghasfleas.

Yes, this is a lovely painting :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Lovely, thanks!


Thank you Judy.




Hi Spencie. As promised, I have tagged you to this painting at the requested size range at jasonchung3. Hope that you will enjoy it.


Hello, Spencie. I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

Thank you for your compliment on this puzzle.

Previously, I used to post Monet's paintings in 4 different sizes under different size categories - small, medium, large, and very large or small, medium, large and huge.

Now, I post a puzzle in 4 different sizes for Monet's paintings based on the size popularity. So far, my friends prefer the smaller size puzzles as they do not have much time for the larger ones, have small computer screens or are working on laptops, and also, because a few of them have poor vision.

You may find some paintings that you like at my older puzzles for 100 - 120 pieces.

Spencie, I will post the requested size for you at my other account with Jigidi, as I wish to present each of the paintings in 4 selected sizes and to feature different paintings each time.

I will tag you once it is done at jasonchong3.

Thank you for visiting.

Could you make the lovely Monet puzzles bigger - around 100 -120 pieces please?


Thank you, Jeri :)


Hello Clairezy. Welcome to my puzzle page. I am pleased to meet you.

Thank you for writing a comment. Yes, now that you mentioned it, they do look like they are racing each other.


~~ (¬‿¬)~~❤️

These clouds look like they are in a race.

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