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Breaking Trail

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In normal times, with only a few inches of snow on the crust, the turkeys wander all over the yard. In this much snow, though, they seem to confine themselves to trails they make, much like deer runs. Needless to say, finding food in these conditions is problematic - even getting about takes considerably more work than usual.
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  1. like921150:32
  2. steffi190:32
  3. pumpkinhead0:35
  4. hadzi0:40
  5. debdaz0:41
  6. wigma0:43
  7. tednorris0:44
  8. pkin380:44
  9. dukeycash0:47
  10. smllpkg1010:50


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Smart turkeys!


Love this one...


We saw large flocks of them on our way to go x country skiing this week. They were hanging out in the corn fields 20 or more in a flock. Guess they were preparing for the storm.


Clever turkeys. A good job they have you, dondi.


Walking in this deep snow takes more energy, which means they need more food. I know you are helping them, dondi....thank you :)

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