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Musical moment

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I'm back!!
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  1. Foquitas0:11
  2. Dilubreuer0:12
  3. Robbos0:14
  4. stephen0:15
  5. youngone0:15
  6. Rachaeltea0:15
  7. Bmex14400:16
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  10. PB6000:17


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Most of us were not exposed to classical music when we were children, me as well, but I have a cousin who teaches Suzuki music for the violin, and when her children were young, I would accompany them to babysit her kids while she was teaching. Now I cry to classical arias as often as I cry to the Beatles and Mancini...I strongly suggest it means getting use to it to appreciate it...Sherry :)))


I grew up on it. Still enjoy it sometimes, Might explain why I'm the way I am......

I'm not a fan of it particularly. :)


Thanks for the link, YO but I must confess a little bit of classical music goes a long way for me. ☺☺

TY, Molly. Glad to have a computer again. :)

Quit the reach this one has. Beautiful kitty. Welcome back YO.---------------Molly

As you wish, Pammi. :)


More Vivaldi please Maestro. ♥♥♥♥

Many thanks, Val. Missed you. :)


A Magical Musical Moment love it, welcome back YO☺

Thanks, Sherry, PD, Carol, petslave, leecee, Returner and Apiary. So good to see you all. :)

almost a out Barishnikoff!, looks like you got competitition... Sherry :)))




Whatever the aria, he's giving it full voice. Welcome back, YO!

Frustrating, isn't it, I keep waiting for the file drawer to open and the word to pop up...sometimes... Sherry :))))


Sherry, you are so sweet, and I'm not so young either. I do this all the time, too. LOL -- Carol :)

Oh, Carol, you're still so young...I do this every day...drives me nuts...Sherry :)))


Glad that was the right aria and you can relax - it's awful to try to remember something on the tip of your mind LOL, Carol


What an amazing photo op!!!


ah, Rigoletto! from one verse: "Like a feather in the breeze" although it's not a feather. ha
that's for that clrtexas, now I can relax and not worry about trying to remember the melody. :)


I would have to literally dig out my old classical music LP's to find Rigoletto to listen again. LOL
or try the easy way and hunt for it online to listen to if it's out there some where. :D


Rigoletto comes to mind!! -- Carol


The hunter is present.

It's a beautiful photo...hope the butterfly got away...glad you're back... Sherry :)))

Isn't that the way though. About 3:00AM you will probably think of it. :)


that picture brings to mind a popular classic movement that come to mind and I can hum it, but my brain can not recall the name. :D

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