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☼ꎺ╱ ╲ꎺ웃 On the way 웃ꎺ╱ ╲ꎺ☼

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On the way through the meadows, we see the shadows lengthening in the early afternoon and telling us that the days are now very short
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  1. perleblanche0:22
  2. Palapeli20180:22
  3. Robbos0:25
  4. JillianB0:27
  5. hags310:29
  6. AScott0:31
  7. wshealy0:33
  8. redina10:34
  9. Gusbiff0:36
  10. Ianto0:36


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Suzy, thank you for writing to me about your feelings by looking at this photo. When I see some of your photos, I also feel like I'm home. Including the cool fresh air from the meadows during this period ♥:))


The air must have that little "nip" of cold air in it as you are making your way through the meadows. The landscape looks so very much familiar that I feel right at home.


Jill, you're right, this path is more pleasant and we've already cleaned our shoes of mud, I hope you're doing better. We enjoy the weak autumn sun which is very hurrying to the west ♥:))


The sun still shines but the shadows grow, a gentle path thankfully ☺️

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