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Stahleck Castle, Germany

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Thanks, didn't realize that but makes sense.

Small windows mean the enemy has difficulty in seeing the people inside as targets, yet the archers inside can still shoot arrows down on the enemy below.


That view is just stunning :)


The roof reminds me of the tin man from Oz. The brick structure of this castle does nothing for me...sorry, but it reminds me more of a prison with the tiny windows.


And I have more to come. Stay tuned.


Just WoW!!!!!! dj


The precise number hase not been counted yet (or not published).
But the estimation in 25.000 (+).

This article says, that there is a non profit organisation that started counting (and listing them ("them" mean europe-wide) in a database) :


Some places indicate 25,000 but?

How many castles are their listed in Germany?


Stahleck Castle is a 90 minutes drive away... ;-)


I did not mean to go on and on; but, this morning, you hooked me, Ken. Way to go!


I would not wish to be a farmer on those surrounding farms. I thought that on steep slopes, they plowed and planted for a variety of safety reasons in addition to maintaining the soil on the land during rain & runoff events. Hmm.


Its name means "impregnable castle on a crag", from the Middle High German words stahel (steel) and ecke (here: crag). It has a water-filled partial moat, a rarity in Germany. Built on the orders of the Archbishop of Cologne, it was destroyed in the late 17th century but rebuilt in the 20th and is now a hostel.

(German: Burg Stahleck) is a 12th-century fortified castle in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley at Bacharach in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It stands on a crag approximately 160 metres (520 ft) above sea level on the left bank of the river at the mouth of the Steeg valley, approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Koblenz, and offers a commanding view of the Lorelei valley.


I am getting major complaints from my systems again this morning on delayed loadings and errors to the comments when posted!


I have seen this kind of roofing done in Gravenhurst, Ontario and the men were all tied off on very short leads. It was still spine-tingling to watch them work, though.

This roofing job should last...I'd hate to have to come back for repairs!


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