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For Ank -- this is Buddy

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He would go with you at the drop of a hat! Thanks, Robbie. :)


Hey Buddy, want to come out and get in some trouble together??!
Good looking companion PLG.


Thank you, Pat, Morris, Jacques, Shirley, and Ank. So glad you all like him.


Now you see.....
everyone wants him. He is realy looking cute and I'm sure he is a Terrier. So I hope you will show Buddy and Bear some more times. Thanks for this one and the link for Bear.


I love him Patti, In Australia we call a cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel a 'Spoodle' My Daughter has one, and he looks just like your Buddy. Their coats are more like the poodle, being wool, they don't shed. Thanks Patti.


he is adorable patti, i love dogs


He's adorable!


Buddy is so cute thanks for sharing Patti


Muffin! I didn't see you down there! We must have crossed! Sorry! (He does know how to sit. And lie down. But not Stay!)


Thank you, Celeste, Suzy, and Oddio. Glad you like Buddy. He would definitley like all of you!


Hi, Buddy! And Patti. :>)

All your pics are good. Another dog photo would be fine.


I just want to hug him, and hug him, and hug him some more!


He looks so cuddly!!
thanks PLG


Thank you, Gemstone and Katzmum. :)


Thanks plg, I love Buddy, he has such a beautiful face, so cute, looking forward to seeing more of him!


Love wheatens...and Buddy is a cutie.


Thank you, Francine. He is pretty silky, but needs a haircut. Not sure how he can see anything through that mess!

Ringleader -- thanks. He wasn't too happy to pose. I had to drag him outside where there was more light. I interrupted his nap!

TS-- Ha. No, they just fell off! He's pretty mellow. :)

Ank-- So glad you enjoyed him -- and the cat. When we got him we were told he was a cockapoo. But later the groomer told us he was a wheaten terrier. So I think you're right about the terrier. :) I don't often take pictures of them, but I'll try to remember to post them once in a while. :)

Calleycat -- thanks for stopping by! :)


Sit. Good boy!




Hi Buddy, glad to meet you, you look great. Catch, I throw a big hug over the ocean.
Patti I'm fond of dogs and I like them all. But I have of course preferences. This cutie looks very much of my preferences. He has a lot of hair and than it's a little difficult to see. This can be a bouvier, but also a Terrier. I love to see him. I had a bouvier, some more blond as this one. When his hair was some longer he looked very much to this one. I also had a dark one, almost black and she looks even more of Buddy. Okay I have a toy poodle now, believe me I love her, but she is not my choice. Buddy should be a dog of my choise. So I'm glad to see him and I hope you will post him more often. Not only I, but lots of people likes to see dogs and cat puzzles. Look how much it is already solved.
Thanks Patti, I save Buddy, and Bear too, In my special photo file.


Cute little feller. Did he tear up all those leaves? Thanks, PLG.


Hi Buddy. You look like a lovely dog friend. Thanks for posing .


Oh Patti. Buddy is great looking. I just want to run my fingers through his lovely fur. I just know it's super soft.

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