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~~ೞ What happens in the grass ೞ~~

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A small snail on a nettle leaf. This plant has stinging hairs on the leaves, when you touch it, your skin burns for a long time. As we can see, the little snail doesn't mind
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Snails are so cute.


Thank you, Marina, nice to see you, I'm glad you like it. I don't know if the snail eats nettle leaves or just got lost there ♥:))


Wonderful photo and snail traveling and possibly feeding on nettle leaves..


jpowell, thank you for writing us your beautiful story, you are wise. Thanks to you, your granddaughter has brought to life not only the knowledge but also the valuable experience that each animal has its own place in nature. If we destroyed them all, we would cease to exist as well. I send you many warm greetings to distant Tasmania ♥:))


Gail, you're right. Last year I put two large beautiful stumps in the shady corner of the garden as a decoration. I thought that this would also help the insects to find the necessary shelter. My good feeling lasted only until this summer, snails stayed under the stumps and my hostas, who were next to the stumps, practically ceased to exist. My fight was in vain, I lost! ♥:))

When my granddaughter was 4 she loved collecting snails with me. After we’d finished collecting and watching them for a bit I carefully put them back among the agapanthus where we’d found them. I didn’t have the heart to kill them when she’d trusted me so completely.


I have a hard time loving the snails. They love my hostas. 😔


Iri thank you, it was a good, usual program ♥:))


Your friend, too. I hope you had a nice Saturday ...


Iri thank you for your kind words and wishes, I hope you have a nice evening ♥:))


Beautiful photo and nice description. Thank you, Dea. Have a nice Saturday night.

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