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Hello there Ardy, I sure hope one day they will find something to control this pain too! I don't like any kind of narcotics in my body, they say your body is your temple and I want to keep it clean! LOL I know some people think I'm crazy for thinking that way, but that's how I've always been! I've never ever done drugs of any kind before so I figure, why start now! :D I've been dealing with this problem for about 15 years now, and all of the females in my family have it! :( Even my Mother and sister. We're still doing some remodeling but we're almost done! YEAH!!!!! My Dr. told me that my test's all came back negative for walking pnumonia and C-Diff! Thank God for that! Now he's sending me in for another sleep study and I'm going to have to start wearing a face mask at night to help me breathe so I'll NOT (stop breathing) anymore! I thank God for that too! I'm not going to like wearing this mask as it's very uncomfortable but I guess it's beats being dead! LOL Once again I thank you for your prayers and thoughts my dear friend! Your such a good person with a big heart! Lots of love and big hugs in return dear! God bless! xxx


Good morning, Monica. I saw you had commented on one of Ank;s puzzles. I do hope they can find something that will help control your pain when you have an attack. Is this condition new since your attack in the spring? I'm a bit curious as to why you reject narcotics. In the midst of all your physical problems is the remodeling coming to completion? That's hard enough to deal with when you feel well . I hope and pray your Dr. will have some hopeful news for you tomorrow. Yes, please do let me know. I check every day to see if you have been signed in on Jigidi. Love and prayers. Hugs.


Hello dearest Ardy, yes I am finally on the mend, after yet one more stay in the hospital and lots and lots of tests performed, I get to see my Dr. tomorrow and will get all the results from him then! Thanks so much for keeping me in your prayers and thoughts, I certainly need them! I fear I will never be completely back to normal again! LOL They say I will have to deal with these problems for the rest of my life. They just need to find yet another medicine to help with the pain when it does happen, because I will not except any type of narcotic! Their always trying to push these narcotics on me and I keep telling them I don't take narcotics, to think of another way to deal with it! It was so good to hear from you again Ardy, I promise I will keep in touch with you and let you know how things are going! Thanks again for your concern, God bless you and yours! Big hugs dear!


Monica, so sorry to hear about that. I truly hope you are on the mend. You have had so much to deal with. Hope the bad times are behind. You are continually in my prayers and thoughts. Bless you. Hugs.


Hi everyone, I'm so sorry I've been away until now, as I've been in and out of the hospital three times now in the last two weeks! Same deal with the Colitis and Diverticulitis! It's been a long battle getting over it this time but I think I'm finally on the mend! Thank you all for the lovely Birthday greetings to our dear Mimi! She is so special and deserves the bestest Birthday ever! Mimi I hope you had a great time on your Birthday dear! Hope it was really special! Love and hugs, Monica

P.S. Yes, the cake is chocolate! LOL

Happy Birthday to you dear Mimi.....I'm having fun finding all your Birthday Cards.
Hope your day was as nice and pretty as this cake. Hugs, Janine :-)))

Monica, dear. You have a special talent for finding the very best for everyone.
Beautiful card from a beautiful lady. Lots of hugs dear friend. Janine :-)))


Thanks Rob, appreciate it! :))


Happy Birthday Mimi!!
Lovely card Monica - thanks!!


Thanks so much Loveydear!


Happy Birthday Mipahollo!
Hi Monica!


Thank you Libby! Won't you join us for some cake! :)))


What a pretty cake and card, Monica!!! Thanks ;-)))

Mimi...hope this Birthday is the bestest ever! Libby ;-)))


Thanks Ardy!


Lovely puzzle, Monica. Thank you. Hope all is going well with your home projects.

Happy birthday, again, Mimi.


Oh Monica, thank you! This is a lovely card and I do so appreciate your good wishes. I think it's going to be a fine birthday and you have helped brighten up my day with this absolutely yummy looking cake. It's bound to be chocolate inside, right? :)))

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