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Papaya on Hairy Cushion 2019

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This cushion used to be a favourite place for all of our cats, taking turns. Recently they haven't spent much time there.
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Beautiful! I love the royal blue with the turquoise and of the course the beautiful cat.

Papaya is just the perfect name for this beautiful cat. I'll have to remember that if we get another golden one'


Hi Patsy.
A Happy Easter to you, too.
Yes, most of my cats had names beginning with “C” as does my surname. I’ve had Chai, Chino, Cassie, Chico, Chailie, Cato and Codie. Before them I had Boots and Twinkle. Before we took him in I used to greet him as “The Blue Boy” whenever he came into the garden. Afterwards he became Mr. Blu.
Best wishes from Gwen.

@Chailie Thank you for sharing Mr. Blu's story. I'm glad it has turned out so well. He's very handsome in the puzzles you have posted of him.

You have posted a lot of puzzles of very interesting cats. All of their names began with C, till Mr. Blu. I've done some of your puzzles, bookmarked many. So I'll be connecting with Mr. Blu, the Cs, and you occasionally.

Happy Easter! ~Patsy


Hi Patsy, Papaya looks like he is enjoying having it all to himself. Funny how cats change their habits, especially with the food they like. Meow, meow Papaya, such a beautiful cat! Take care!


Hi Patsy.
I’ve just seen the message you left for me on my puzzle of my darling boy Chico.
I just have one cat now. His name is Mr. Blu. He is a Russian Blue.
He first appeared in our garden in 2009. He seemed to be well fed and was very friendly although he did seem to spend a lot of time outside. He always smelled of perfume.
In 2013 we realised that he was obviously not being fed anymore as he was getting very thin and had worms and the smell of perfume was gone. He was spending his days in our garden with us if we were outside and was sleeping under a bush at night. We did everything we could to try to find an owner but no one seemed to have even noticed him let alone knew who he belonged to and he wasn’t microchipped.
We considered taking him in but we had 3 Birmans at the time and wondered if they would get on together. We needn’t have worried. He walked into the kitchen, looked at the Birmans, they looked at him and then all carried on as if he had always lived with us.
He is the most gentle and affectionate boy and it is heartbreaking to think that somebody just abandoned him.
I have looked at the puzzles of your cats which you have posted. They are beauties. Please give them a cuddle from me.
Best wishes from Gwen.


She looks very comfortable.

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5 September 2020 - 18 January 2017
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