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DO YOU REMEMBER.............

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I sure agree with you merrie.....I am sure "facemasks" (for example) are very necessary......but everything seems to be carried sooo far these days....or so think


I still use waxed paper to wrap foods, it keeps them very fresh. Thanks. Marina

Yes, costajig, isn't it AMAZING we survived without warnings on coffee cups and candles, without bike helmets and mouthguards, without air conditioning in the summer, without parents hovering over us all hours of the day and night, and without ice packs in our lunches or picnic baskets??? (Gasp we even drank water out of a non-filtered hose!!) :-)


I do too kids are always at me for one thing or another...and I just tell them millions of us actually "grew up" through it

Remember when we took our lunches to school and they stayed at room temp. till we eat it. I dont remember anyone getting sick


Yes, sure! And, like Shirleyvalentine I, too bur and use it for sandwiches.

Sorry-- I meant to say it was smoke when you did that – – my mistake – – thank you!

Still use it to wrap sandwiches – – my grandmother would crumble a wad of it up and rub it across her coal stove plates – – it would make her stove real shiny – – and it would smoke when you're dead that – – another -fun memory puzzle-- thank you!


I still use it wendy.....I try to stay away from plastic I have always used wax great..robin


So any of us still have a roll of this, but I wonder if it's one we've had for fifteen years. I think it's more fashionable to use parchment paper.


I still prefer a sandwich wrapped in wax paper. I use it for several things including baking. I would not want to be without it.-Valerie


I remember using waxed paper to make our slide extra slippery.


Nope, I must not be that 'old' (60). When I was a child I wrapped my dad's 'sammiches' in fold over baggies; he had 1 PBJ & 1 bologna w/mustard every day (Mon-Fri) @ work.


Oh yes, remember these well. School lunches. I still have waxed paper, but seldom use it.


stitching granny, most people I know have 2 ears - one on each side of their head. As a certain wolf once said, "The better to hear you, my dear."

When I make no-bake cookies, I always put them on wax paper to let them cool. Then when I lift the wax paper, it releases the cookies.


Mama used a rubber band to hold it but Daddy could fold the wax paper wrap so it stayed put.


Thanks stitchingnanny, what a great idea! ..........Wendy

Peanut butter and jelly wrapped in waxed paper and slightly warm and lightly squashed from the lunch box was THE BEST!!!

Here is another great use of wax paper. Remove all the silk and husk from an ear of corn. On an angle wrap the corn in wax paper and fold under the ends. Place in the micro wave for 3 to 4 minutes. If you have more than one ear set it on 6 minutes. The corn comes out great!!


Many years ago we wrapped our lunches with waxed paper. I still have some in my cabinet.


Just Saturday we had sandwiches we wrapped in waxed paper. That's normal for us! :)


I still have waxed paper, and have had for years, but I really do not use it a lot..............Wendy

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