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The 'Pink' Redpoll appeared again.

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Well I assume it is the same one, but can not be sure. Never seen more than one at a time.
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  1. thornydevil2:48
  2. moyrita2:53
  3. pavla73:24
  4. canalview4:07
  5. MouseGran4:09
  6. Lenka4764:19
  7. JJ0134:20
  8. Tuc4:21
  9. birdlady734:25
  10. maryborg2224:29


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Thanks Bethlawson and beyondwords. In England we have the Common Redpoll, although this one has paler breast plumage than most of them that come to the feeders (it may just be the light, but the plumage is darker in a previous puzzle of the one with the red there may be two of them). It does bread in this country, and I have posted a puzzle of a juvenile a few years ago.
We get birds in this country that we shouldn't do, so you may have had some Arctic 'visitors'

Very pretty pink! And good shot.
In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I'm just outside the range of the arctic redpoll or hoary redpoll. But I swear we had a couple in our crabapple tree a few years ago.

Breeds in Arctic. Found in N Europe and US. Arctic Redpoll.

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