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The Veteran in a New Field

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The artwork in Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle is titled "The Veteran in a New Field" (1865), and the artist is Winslow Homer ♥

Winslow Homer (1836-1910) was an iconic American artist, celebrated for his powerful seascapes and insightful snapshots of American life.

Starting his career as an illustrator during the Civil War, Homer evolved into a master of both oil painting and watercolor. He is particularly revered for his ability to convey the raw, often formidable interaction between humans and the natural environment.

Notable works like "Snap the Whip," capturing youthful exuberance in rural America, and "The Fog Warning," which portrays a fisherman's precarious return from the sea, highlight his profound emotional depth. Homer chose to live much of his later life in near solitude in Maine, which profoundly influenced the rugged thematic elements in his art.

You can find more information on Winslow Homer here
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@Frank7561 - I don't sort out any pieces. For this type of puzzle I move the screen downwards to leave room at the top for the sky, and then select the blue pieces with the edges first and virtually put into place. When that row is done I then do the lower sky with the top of the crop. Then the rest is colour grading with the lightest being the next row down, filing in the 'veteran' as you go. I move up the completed rows as I go so that I have space in between the bottom of the puzzle and the remaining pieces. Eventually there is just the bottom row to complete.
Good eyes and an accurate mouse are essential to doing a puzzle at speed. I am a good deal younger than 90, so I am full of admiration on your own efforts at 12 minutes, and hope to still be able to do the puzzles at such an age.
Do enjoy!




I believe jigidi will tell you, Move all your flat sides out firs to make a frame.
I make four seperate piles ...N S E West. Then fill in the middle.
Another thought, you do not have to be speedy. We all work at our own speed. Just enjoy the masterpiece when you are done. That should be satisfying. Bev. 6-22-24


I cannot believe how fast you all complete this puzzle. Took me 12:20. I would like to see video of you doing puzzle. I obviously have a lot to learn. Age 90 years old


He master both oil and watercolor. He did American landscape painter and printmaker, best known for his marine subjects. That is something, I think. I'll have to read more about him without cookie I hope.

This brings back memories of my father in the wheat field. Thank you.

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