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My Friend's Art

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My friend began doing these designs to deal with the chronic pain she endures daily because of fibromyalgia...
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  1. munchkin52:36:27
  2. alynn2:43:35
  3. raakul2:45:24
  4. Ideaguy2:47:12
  5. Chaan2:54:13
  6. pinkypinky3:12:25
  7. glpusna3:22:11
  8. virgates3:33:52
  9. sapphirencotton3:47:58
  10. Ledovec3:56:11


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Hi again, Ideaguy. I guess I should have mentioned that I don't solve any puzzles anymore. Like your friend, I have physical problems...especially with my mouse hand. So my choice is to create or solve puzzles because doing both is too much for me to handle. The reason why I stopped by originally is because the image is so nice and I thought it was a shame that it was going to get so few solves. I wanted to give you a helpful suggestion which is what I did. But I have to thank you for posting in smaller sizes. :-)))))))

I guess Marmie is having a tough time with this "challenge" since I don't see her on the leader board yet. lol


OK done...


Hi Ideaguy,
I saw that you posted it in the large size. Since you are able to post 4 puzzles in a 24 hour period, how about posting this in about a 40 some size (40-49 pieces) which would be in the small category.
I think you'll get quite a few more solves that way.....and more people to appreciate her work. Plus, believe it or not, it will STILL be challenging. Trust me! :-))))))

I read what the person said on the other puzzle and I agree with her; this would make a beautiful brooch. :-)))))))


Yes I guess am the odd one... I do like the challenging puzzles. I have added a smaller version of this one here I'm glad you all find image attractive. Helen is a wonderful friend and talented writer as well as artist.


Marmie, I think the key word in my statement that you may have missed is the word "most."


Really? I love black and white or just a challenge in general. I think puzzles like this are worth the time and I like the larger pieces.


Ideaguy, this is lovely but images with only a few colors like this one are too hard for most people to solve, and especially when there are so many they won't. Maybe try a much smaller size if you post any more of your friend's artwork.


from pain come's beauty

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