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All Potted plants

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Everyone of these plants are in a pot. The gardener said she would mix and match to change the decor. And, then take them all in for the winter! Must have a green house or glass room.
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It was a treat to be able to finish this beautiful scene,,,When I am enjoying myself I slow down to get the full experience


I am amazed at the variety and arrangement of all these plants. I noticed the banana plant, too. Quite amazing. Thank you, Fodus!


Thanks for all the comments. I don't know this person. I thought she would need a huge green house to house these, too.


I love it eccept for it hiding too much window for my taste,but then It's not mine,so bravo to her and thank you fo sharing it.


It's beautiful! But you'd need a pretty big green house for all these plants!


Wonderful garden! Thank you Fodus.




They look like tropical plants and is that a banana plant in a pot as well? I'm impressed with her dedication.


What a good idea! We do this with potting up, some flowers,
then put them away,until they flower again.
This display is beautiful!



I do this most of the time. It saves fighting with the yard workers to keep them from hitting my plants with the lawn mower. You can also see that they get enough sun/shade because they're portable rather than when they're in the ground. I've always done a lot of container gardening and it works for me. Thanks, Fodus. Nice photo.


What healthy plants. Lots of loving care . . . and work! Thanks fodus.


Beautiful, fodus. Thanks for posting.

I've never seen such a large private potted garden! Looks great!

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