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A few more Amphicars, couldn't get them all in! Lake Fest today.

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  1. riveroad0:11
  2. chookies0:12
  3. Ianto0:13
  4. karladelo0:13
  5. Robbos0:13
  6. pumpkinhead0:14
  7. like921150:14
  8. e0070:14
  9. snooker0:15
  10. morris1860:15


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Thanks snooker for being there. I think the cars are cool too, wish I'd gotten a ride in one.

You are welcome Mimi, it's amazing to watch them drive in off the street, through the parking lot, and head for and drive right into the lake!


These still amaze me, I had never seen nor even heard of them. Thanks! :))

Have never seen one of these. Very interesting. Of course you weren't alone. Some of us are always tagging along. :)


Your welcome Suzy, thanks for coming along. I guess I wasn't alone after all, I took all of you with me. Thanks you.
On the sailboat photo, I posted a little history on the lake itself, it was built to assist the Erie Canal.


These babies just amaze me!
Thanks for taking us along while you played, Jeannie!


It was nice Morris, a little on the cool side, but that was nice for walking around. Not to hot. :o)


It looks like you had a perfect day for it, Jeannie!

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