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My Little Patch in Bloom

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The color on these flowers is so wonderful soft and the stamen configuration draws the eyes (and the bees). I am always amazed at how such a lowly looking plant could produce such beauty. I had to stand off quite a bit to get the photos as the cactus flowers were swarming with very busy bees and I didn't want to interfere with their work. My Jack leaned in a bit close and promptly got stung. Hard time biting my lip from laughter as I had warned him.
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  3. hartlova2:02
  4. davitai2:07
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  7. Jitka2:13
  8. alias2v2:15
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Thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers. I've never seen cactus blooming. Glad you got to enjoy your patch.


These blooms lasted only 2 to 3 days, Suzy. Cacti are very efficient. They produce beautiful, fragrant blooms, draws crowds of bees, get pollinated, produce their fruit, and go back to being dangerous plants. However, they produce passionate gardeners who wait with cameras in hand to get this type of shot.


OH! An excellent example of back light....and the beauty of your backyard. How long will they put on their show for you, Kate???


You're welcome czarmiento. I just moved to the Sonora Desert region a couple of months ago, so these beautiful flowers are a delightful surprise for me.

I love how delicate the coloring is, davitai. So soft on a plant with its formidable thorns.

Funny you should mention Jack, Raaike. We hadnt been in the new house for a week before he had his first run in with a small cacti. He was talking with our landscaper and backed up without paying any attention to his surroundings. We ended up in the emergency room getting about 50 cacti needles pulled out of his leg.

It's a beautiful time of the year here, smllpkg. There are several facebookk pages filled with cacti and succulent lovers all posting photos of their gorgeous cacti in bloom. I'm getting lots of good advice of where to go from here.

Not quite the same as my peonies and irises in bloom, but beautiful in its own desert way, Marilyn.


Beautiful indeed.


I've never had the pleasure of visiting the desert when the cacti are blooming. They are so beautiful. You've made a colorful little patch of them to enjoy. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.


How happy I am for you Toto, that you have such beautiful flowers on your cactuses and can enjoy them.
Although I think Jack is not so happy with those cactuses now. :-)))) ♥


So beautifully flowering cactuses!


Cactus flowers are simply beautiful !! Thank you for sharing Toto and congratulations on your lovely little patch !! Greetings ,

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