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Processing Strawberries

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It's strawberry time in the garden this year. Our strawberry patch is 15'x25', and last year we had just over 44 lbs of strawberries from our garden. We look to do even better this year ... this is the first 9lbs 😊

Once picked they are rinsed, then transferred to a bowl of water to sit in while I hull them, slice them, and put them in the blender. Once pureed, they go to the jelly strainer. Straining some of the juice helps the jams set up better, and it also removes the seeds. The seedless juice will be used to make Strawberry Jelly & Strawberry Pineapple. The rest will make all of my other strawberry flavors 😊

After the strainer, the strawberries get measured and placed in freezer bags. Then are placed on cookie sheets and put in the freezer. When I'm ready to use them, all the prep work is done. I take them out, thaw, and get to making jam.

I try to do as much prep work as I can, it makes everything go so much smoother 😊

... and BB ... I'll be making Strawberry Rhubarb this weekend πŸ˜‰
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You certainly worked hard on this batch John, sure it'll be delicious.
I always add a soupcon of ground cardamon to my s/r compote, adds an intriguing flavour.
In fact I use it in a lot of dishes mostly Indian. πŸ₯„


never bought any to begin with 😊 the jelly strainer is made out of linen, but I'm sure a panty hose would do the same job still haven't been able to buy any?????!!!!!!!!!! ; ))))


nu uhhhhhhhhh ... pantyhose is the new toilet paper 😜

So THAT's where all the pantyhose went!!!!! ; ))))


Alpaca poo?! Well I am sure the farm over the river has more than they need, unless they are selling it already... I should enquire! Thanks, @Surreal_Heidi !

Well it was 5 or so hours. The dishwasher doesn't really need you.
And got some sleep.
Enjoy the market.


humbly PersIsTAnt 😉


Yes, but I AM persistent.


@iceng ... sounds excellent Alex, have one for me 😊

@msbonne ... I could, but only if you want a fruity alcoholic beverage ... but we have had this discussion before, haven't we 😉 lol

@Ianto ... I started baking at 9:30pm ... from ingredients on the counter, to everything wrapped & ready to go, it took me 4 hours to make 21 loaves of bread and 2 pounds of fudge. the ovens were turned off at 12:30am, by 1:30am I was finished, including cleaning the kitchen. the only thing still working in the kitchen after I turned off the light was the dishwasher. I was in bed by 2:30am 😊

By now you have the baking done, Have fun at the market.


Can't you just add scotch now?


Going to use your strawberry seed separator..
Then mix Vanilla ice creme and solid jello from cups into a puree that hardly gives time to fill desert cups before the mixture gels..
Ready for grand kids ! :-))


@iceng ... which recipe Alex 😊


Going to try your recipe tomorrow :-))


A laugh to Nev! :o)


I don't know what variety my strawberries are, but they're big and juicy.


I love strawberries! You're right about the prep work - it makes all the difference :)


thanks again everyone 😊

@hippo ... you're welcome & good luck. Heidi is right about the llama poop. I add it to my compost, along with egg shells and coffee grounds ... makes excellent fertilizer. strawberries also like the soil to be a bit acidic. I use pine sawdust which I get out of my woodshop, as pine is an acidic tree ... just ask an azalea 😉

@Watchman ... Ever Berry strawberries are smaller & sweeter then June Bearing, and will produce strawberries all season long 😊 they are just to small for me to use for jams & jellies

@nanab ... great minds think alike ... and something told me you would 😊

@Bill_I_Am , @ulangariver ... you're both welcome ... glad you enjoyed the show 😉

@rswestley ... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... it's not perfected yet 😂 lol

now it's time to start baking, we have our last market of the week in the morning 😊


HEY Spacey, the picture of those luscious strawberries on the left look scrumptious. I'm sure your strawberry jams and jellies will be a big hit! But I'm more interested in the picture on the right. Glad to see you started making your SPAM jelly.... you're gonna have Smuckers, Kraft and Icky Piggy begging for your recipe...


OK.... I know how to package it to avoid obscene phone calls from postal inspectors. Been there, done that. I don't like it when they call at midnight and swear at me..... because my idiot ex couldn't package poop correctly.
It's safe to put directly on roses as well.

I keep saying that my life has never been dull. Surreal, yes. Dull, no.


Interesting, John.

Heidi, I got 8 bare root strawberry plants for Joe, who does love them. BUT he stuck them in the dirt without reading the directions which said SOAK IN WATER for at least 1/2 hour before planting, and water frequently. If I hadn't watered them for the first week or two they'd all be dead, but at least 4 tolerated the abuse. Care to mail me a bunch of alpaca poop?


Hippo.... feed those strawberry plants some fresh alpaca or llama droppings. They're mild enough that they don't burn the plants, but the plants turn into overachievers. Three years ago I had 3 spindly (1 or 2 leaves each) strawberry plants in a raised 4 foot by 12 foot bed. No strawberries were produced. I fed them lavishly on alpaca droppings. The bed is now packed with strawberry plants that produce constantly from late May through the first frost. I get a LOT of strawberries every day and my friends and I feast on all we can eat, and what we don't eat goes into the freezer. My freezer will provide strawberries all through the winter.


I don't care for strawberries but I enjoyed looking over your shoulder, John. Thanks!


This is almost the exact routine my Mom had, (no blender) very efficient.
LOVE the last line!!!


I bought 3 ever berry strawberry last year one didn't make it over the winter months. So I bought 2 more plants. I hope that they will produce more than they have. Finally have one grape vine that's producing a small group of grapes. Other the one were attacked by bugs and cut them off the vine. Hopefully I will have better luck next year with those plants. See how my cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes plants do this year.


Thanks, Space, now I have something to look forward to!! :))


@hippo ... 6 years ago we started with 3 plants 😉 ours are June bearing strawberries ... once they produce fruit, they send off shoots to make more strawberry plants.

I usually sell or give away @100 new plants each year, just to thin out the patch to keep it from becoming over grown

I bet it does. Is is good for you as well.


I bought and planted my first strawberry plant this year.

It has four (4) strawberries and two runners... I am hoping for three plants next year and perhaps another couple of strawberries... :))


John you are correct on both points. It is strange what you enjoy as a child and what you do not like follows you through out life. I enjoy many things which would I am sure would make your stomach reach, but will keep my enjoyment to myself.
Oft to bed now see you all tomorrow.


thanks all 😊

@jeribar8 ... I wish all of you could too

@Watchman ... my wife and her friend pick fruit together. we use the fruit for jams, she makes wine

@Ianto ... yes it can, tastes just like strawberries too 😉

@CJ45 ... so Strawberry flavored SPAM is a no go for you Clive? 😂 lol


Oh John Like spam I find strawberry's Yuck a childhood experiance sadly, my tortoise likes them though good for her. I have a cherry tree and had one cherry last year hope to have two this year LOL!!!

True, that is a good way to have them/


I'd rather have my strawberry juice sober, Ianto.

I wonder if the juice can be drunk?

It is a lot of work, So will the cherries. Getting them done at different times will save time,


My parent cherry tree died last year, sadly. It made the best Cherry Wine. ;-)


That is a lot of work... I know homemade is much
better but I'll buy mine ready-made. I wish I could
buy yours.


😊 ... cherries will be next month


Oh, that brings back memories, spending hours with my grandmother, picking Strawberries from her Strawberry patch or picking Cherries off the couple of trees she had, and standing at the kitchen sink, cleaning Strawberries, or Cherries. ;-)


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