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Digitalis for julie88

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Digitalis are biennial and difficult to remember where they were two years ago. Some of these are over 2M (6 feet) tall.
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Thanks, yonx, for your comment! I think one of the reasons I like them too is that they are such low maintenance plants. If you leave them alone, they just take care of themselves. The weather seems to be the only thing that restricts their health and wellbeing.


They make such a lovely display jyl. I did grow some and was fascinated with the markings. After that the self seedings gave a nice showing for 2 more years. I like all the flowers growing down long stems. Elegance for the garden :) Robyn


Thanks again, Patti! Glad you enjoy them. This little area divides our parking lot and used to host some apple trees. The trees were kept until they became dangerous and the digitalis just took over the whole space.




Jyl ~ Re Windows 10 ~ FYI

I saw your comment on one of Gail's puzzles re 10. I put this there and Elvisqueen has seen it but I didn't know if you had. I've read numerous articles saying that techs in the industry are adamant about not updating to 10 for a minimum of at least 6 months. There are some major concerns about privacy issues. Here are two articles but there are TONS of others.

A lot of people who downloaded 10 have gone back to their previous systems.


Thanks for your interest, PuzzleG. Sorry you lost yours; I agree; they are gorgeous. Our soil here isn't great for flowers: it's either fill or bedrock, so, along with our herd of deer, we are lucky to have what we have, which includes the plants you list. I had a trillium close to my house but haven't seen it lately - either the deer finally got it or our drought this year has prevented its blooming.


These are gorgeous Jyl, & so HUGE! I LOVE digitalis / foxgloves. We had one on our property, but it was on the edge of a ravine, but it hasn't bloomed since we had some brush cleared down there for fire prevention. I think the guys who cleared it for us might have destroyed it, since I never thought to inform them that it was there. "Hindsight is always 20-20", as they say. We still have a Western Trillium nestled in a secluded spot, & eagerly wait for it to bloom each spring, along with our dozens of irises, lilacs & other garden flowers.


Thanks for commenting, surfer. Our digitalis are probably just more hardy because of our climate. Before the cardiac drug way synthesized, the plants were grown here to generate the medication; I suspect that was because of the ease of care and good health of the digis here.
Glads grow much closer together, Julie. The digitalis are one-plant-to-a root and do quite well without any care from people. It seems to make little difference how much sun they get, but I noticed one in my front yard grew to the usual 1 metre or 3 feet or so but had a very short blooming period this year. We've had a drought of at least two months this year; our usual climate is typical of what Canadians call the wet coast, so everything has dried out and all flowers have been early and quick to come and go.


jyl. Thank you. This is not what I envisioned at all. I imagined a low-growing shade lover. These are more like Gladiolias. You really surprised me !


Have seen foxglove as a smaller shrub and these are beautiful too!


If you have a 6-foot tall monitor, you're welcome to them, els2! ☺☺☺


jyl, please post again at 6' tall?

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