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A little ray of sunhine....

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i am sorry for being so much behind in answering everyone. i have been busy cleaning, packing and organizing. i hope to make time soon to read all of your comments. if i am unable to answer, please forgive me. i do appreciate all of your comments.
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  1. SueC5819:29
  2. mylos19:51
  3. MsCPA22:06
  4. EstherBrewer22:47
  5. esrevell23:25
  6. ztlbt25:38
  7. Otylka25:39
  8. pgm25:42
  9. Piggy126:42
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_へ__(‾◡◝ )>


I thought it might be. So excited!!!


WOW! chandler is very close to us. we are moving to coolidge. it is close to casa grande.
can't wait for you to travel again!


Char I feel the same way!! I thank you so much for saying this!!!
We will be happy to have you at the shearing party, or a private audience at another time. When we took our cross country trip in 2013 the place we most wanted to return to is the southwest. And did I tell you that the cousin I grew up with lives in Chandler? Once we get Makaya through school (2017) it will be "on the road again!!"
Big hugs to you also, dear friend!!


thanks so much elizabeth!
i am de- junking- giving away- getting rid of all of the things i do not need and have not used in forever. i wish i could put up a tent in my frontyard with a couple of tables in it and put a big sign in front FREE TAKE ONE OR TAKE ALL- LEAVE THE TABLES AND TENT! i think the village would have a problem with that. LOL i do wish that we would be able to meet when you have your annual sheep shearing- and i hope that y'all will come and visit us in AZ. i only know you from jigidi, but you feel like an old friend to me. ((((BIG HUGS))))
we are hoping to be ready to put up the house for sale the end of april and have it sold by fall.


If you are busy doing all this, can moving be far behind??
Cool puzzle, Char!! Thank you!!!

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