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Erie, Pennsylvania

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60 inches of snow....yikes!
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  1. marunka2770:17
  2. era40:19
  3. coolcatt20200:22
  4. mapletree0:22
  5. racoonstar0:23
  6. slava20:23
  7. treker0:24
  8. sunlitranch0:24
  9. JUNKMAN0:25
  10. jen70:25


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Never seen in Belgium!

I agree, girlinaglass92, I could watch the sparkle of sunlight on the clean snow forever. It's amazing.


Oh my, that's a LOT of snow!

Yeah, that was absolutely the worst winter I've ever experienced.....and living up in snow country, there's always a bad winter somewhere. But the absolute beauty of sunlight shining on newly-fallen snow makes up for some of it!

I guess if I was in your situation I wouldn't like it either! Hopefully, it all turned out good for you!!

snow20bunny.....not when you're trapped in the house for 3 days and your hubby runs out of cigarettes on day 1! And not when you open your garage door to start shoveling from the TOP of the doorframe down - and you only get 2 feet away from the garage door after 3 hours of shoveling - and your driveway is 70 feet long!!!!! And you're 7 and a half months pregnant and deliver your first baby just a couple of days after being plowed out!!! That was a very fun winter.

Wow!! I would love that here!!


Great photo. But oh man does that look so cold.............Wendy


Good Grief. I can't imagine that. That's a lot of digging. How does one find their car. I guess can't go anywhere anyway.


Yikes! Reminds me of the cumulative aftermath of some big storms we had when I was a kid in the foothills of the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Took days to dig out.

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