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Soda Dam

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On another of our trips we stopped today at a place called Soda Dam. This is a natural dam and the water comes up from the ground and it has a little stream above it. This is in Jemez New Mexico pronounced Hemez.
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So glad you stopped! Fascinating!


This did not look like much from the road but we stopped just to make sure. It was very impressive once we got closer and spent some time looking over the site. Ardy pronunciation is most important and I now wish I spent more time in Spanish class but living in San Hose I did learn something. Shian like everything else I have noticed a photo is nice but being in front of some of the worlds great sights is a completely different experience. I wish everyone could see places such as this...BUT not when I am there. redina you are most welcome.


Thanks, Rich. Interesting places out there. You adding the pronunciation reminded me of reading about a lady who had been traveling out west. In telling about her trip she mispronounced San Jose, and was told "J" is pronounced like "H." Then she was asked when she had been there. Her reply: "In Hune and Huly?"


Wow, this is fantastic, Richard, I Googled ' Soda dam New Mexico' and found three short videos, well worth a look, Thank you.


Awesome!! Thanks.

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