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Bears and apples -

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Wild harvest
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This was a great puzzle, lots of variations in the black fur and the apples. As I was wking it, I started to wonder how all those apples had fallen at the same time, lol. I'm glad to read that it is a special place for the bears. Thank you


I saved this thinking of my Mom, and how much she would have enjoyed seeing all the bears playing and eating the apples. I'm glad this turned out not to be a bait pile, but a treat given in a rehab center. These are beautiful animals and the picture is adorable. Please don't take the puzzle down. It serves as information for all of us that weren't aware, and I didn't know bears even ate apples!!! They are precious.


Such beautiful animals....If this is a bait pile it should be illegal!


Good to hear - the bears do have such beautiful coats. Thank you for the update. I know this puzzle tugged at your heartstrings. Best wishes!

Apparently this is a bear rehab centre, according to some parks person who replied in this long thread, which is where the picture came from:


RaynaGrace: So true. When in the hunters' stores, I notice all the gizmos, scents, baits, camouflage, high-powered weaponry - including lazers, scopes, crossbows,... - and much more.

It makes me think the animals are smarter than us because some of these hunters need so much to combat the creatures they choose to kill.

My friends who hunt use none of this and rarely bag a deer. If they do, every part of the animal is used. They also do not shoot off-season or tagged bears. It was heartbreaking a few years back when a monitored female bear, known for her dens and cubs, was killed by an ignorant hunter. Her history remained; her future "poof" - snuffed out in seconds because he did not see the tag. Even the State Wildlife officers were upset and mournful. But one "cannot teach common sense."


Agree with @AMomentInTime - this posting should remain up. No use hiding your head in the sand. I agree with hunting for food not sport. To purposely lead a hungry animal to food just so you know where he is to kill him is wrong, wrong, wrong and makes a lazy hunter.


No...I did not know it was a bait pile. Even living in the country, never heard of it. I do know there is a lot of trickery with deer. Good to learn; very upsetting to acknowledge the unfair advantages of human hunters. I know animal populations need to be "controlled" because we have done so much damage to their habitats, but....

Hot_diggity_dang: Thank you for posting (and others for explaining). We have to welcome knowledge regardless of whether it is joyful or upsetting. Not seeing a bait pile, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to post upsetting subject matter. I didn't know what this was, though I did wonder why the apples were right there. Not sure if I should delete the puzzle now, but I guess there has been good discussion here.


I hate the thought of this. It's not hunting, it's slaughtering.

yes, I was thinking it was a bait pile, as well! Somebody should give the bears a gun. :( I don't mind hunters as long as they do it fairly! The bait pile could have been meant for deer, too!

I agree@thepollywog. This is no random act of kindness.

AMomentInTime, you do realize this is a photo of a hunters bait pile right?


How lucky for the hungry bears to find the apples and agree to share! Thank you for posting.

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