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love it!!


It depends on where were eating whether we're able to eat the fell ons or not.


Thank you OAA. ;-))))


TY Robin.-:¦:❤️❤️❤️:¦:-


being a dog person.....I love this one.......thanks dawn


Boomer can reach it before I leave my chair!!

Our dog is a big help and very fast!




Thee Hee.. PW.


My two dogs used to get to the dropped food before it hit the floor!!!


Thanks for the tag, Dawn. ♥♥♥


LoL Wayne :-))


Random thought:

After ten years, the wife starts looking at their child and wondering. She has DNA testing done and find out. The child is not their's. She tells her husband. He said, "You don't remember, do you? When we were getting ready to leave the hospital with a new baby, the baby pooped its diaper. You said to me, 'go change the baby.' So I changed it for clean one, and left the dirty one there." The wife fainted...


Nope no eating unless I give it to you. It's the rule.


Bubble we eat at our table if we are at home but spend a lot of time in restaurants and always take a doggy bag with us dog looks forward to see us home again as well do the cats . Thee Hee.


so precious xx ♥♥♥


That is, if I can see it. lol


This is fun Dawn. (❀ᴗ❀)

Clive you're so funny, we too don't waste food and our golden retriever Poppy would not let anything stay on the floor for more than one microsecond. She died over 20 years ago but her personality lives on.

Dusty, our robot vacuum cleaner has been with us for 5 years and is a faithful servant. As he cleans far more thoroughly than your average vacuum, our floors are extremely clean. So you can come over here any time and will be able to eat off the floor (although we usually seat our guests at table !) (❀ᴗ❀)


Dawn I have a dog two cats and a tortoise and wild birds so no waste of food in my house.
I have been accused of being a war baby by my my two sons in the past when I have picked up food that I have dropped on the floor and eaten it. Waste not want not when I was a Child. I am still here so those silly eat before dates on food are crap. LOL!!!


To avoid that problem I give my dogs table scraps and they hardly touch their dog food unless we are goon..
So we sweep and vacuum to keep our house :-))


I never thought about how awful it would be to have to pick up dropped food off the floor. Fortunately, I'm not in that situation. My little, and big, babies constantly clean our floors. To the point of taking the finish off the wood. Oh well. At least I have clean floors! Big smile. Thanks, firstdawn.


Hahaaa, so funny. :)


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