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Cat Icon Game #121 - Please identify the character

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  1. gc20190:05
  2. wshealy0:09
  3. andie9830:09
  4. RZRgirl0:09
  5. MoreJunk0:10
  6. Ianto0:10
  7. diane77140:11
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My number is 4. Call anytime.


My cell number is 702-821-xxxx and my land line is 702-357-xxxx - so if your phone shows phone numbers, it would show either those, but mostly I use my cell for outgoing, but I prefer people use my land line if they call me.


That is the number I call. Just get your answering machine. Erase your post with your phone number.




Dj, my phone hardly ever rings...! I step outside occasionally. I have two outdoor cats who get fed three times a day, and watered once a day. Rarely, I go to the store.

I don't actually know if I have an answering service! I've never phoned home from elsewhere.

Well, here, for the world to know, it's 786-655-6635. Are you sure that's what you're dialing? Lots of double digits in there, should be easy to remember. Not that I distrust you, but I don't understand why I'm missing your calls.

What's your area code, again?


How soon is a couple years!!!! hahahahaha We actually DO have food out need to bring any. Keep calling you, but never an answer!!! *LOL*

Hugs back!


@Donnajames - Hey, you want a fish out of water? I have been to Reno once (1993) - not to gamble! but to give a science fiction talk! crazy, huh?

I would love to have you show me around your part of the state. Probably not this year, but maybe in a couple years' time. I will, of course, bring food - and not all this crazy stuff that I'm always posting!



Oh, you betcha!!! LOL


@Donnajames - yes, doesn't he?

Perhaps we should take a visit to Centre County Library! We could stop on the way and have fun meals -- and oh, honey, you and I together? We would have so many laughs!!


He looks sooooo cute. :-)) dj


Horatio looks kinda stuck up. what a great actor! Lindsey Lohan, eat your heart out.


Three Different Answers - and all correct!
I enjoyed the movie tons.

(Should I say oll korrect, which is hypothesized to be where we got "OK"?)


Mean Girl dressed up as a cat.


Horatio trying to be one of The Mean Girls.


Lindsay Lohan, is that you, you Mean Girl?

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24 March 2020 - 16 June 2017
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