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Looking North From My Front Porch

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Noticed this pretty tree across the side street and down a couple more houses from my front porch.

The white blur on top is the roof over the porch.
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Thanks, Lunie. Mostly when I'm facing that direction I'm looking at the bird feeder and the things in my yard. This was almost a block away.


The color of the leaves may have been as it is the whole year through, reason why you did not notice it Ardy.


You're welcome, Lunie. I was surprised that I had never noticed it before.


Youth wins. lol Val. Thanks. Maples are my favorite trees. There were three huge ones in front of my house when I was growing up. The middle one was great for climbing. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Beautiful colors in that tree indeed Ardy... Thank you.


Oh I knocked you off Ardy, pretty puzzle love the colours as Maples change Hugs dear friend ♥♥


I guess it could, AB. Thanks.


Don't you think it makes,a good abstract picture? It's very pretty.
Thanks Ardy


You're welcome, Shirley. I'm surprised I'm still on the board. ☺


Thanks, Suzy. You should see the original of this. We have an explosion of wires in this neighborhood - big ones, thin ones, extra large ones. Hugs!


Of course, Faye. Just what I need - something else to do. lol Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. 💖🍂💖


Thanks, Barb. I hope so. I seldom ever went that way and then was driving rather than looking at trees. 😊 Hugs 💖🍂


You're welcome, Jill. I wasn't seeing much color so when I spotted this I grabbed the camera.


Oh this is beautiful, Ardy, great spotting. Thank you.
We tided with 0.37 solving time.


So pretty, Ardy! The blur is a nice addition to the photo's softness. Faye is correct, of course. It would make pretty gift wrap!


You know, this would make pretty gift wrap, Ardy! Such a beautiful blend of colours! Now along with calendars and notecards, you can expand your "business" into gift wrap! LOL 💚🍁🍂🍁💚


Very pretty, Ardy. And now that you know that it is there, you will be looking for it and make more pretty puzzles. Hugs my friend 🍁🙂❤️


Such a pretty variety of coloured leaves. Thanks Ardy


You're welcome, Jacki. I guess I've never really looked that direction to see it. There are a few advantages of having one's mobility restricted. ☺ Hugs


It's a maple., Beth, but the Japanese maple that used to be next door had dark red leaves with none of the oranges or yellows. Could be though. Thanks.


Thanks, Sandi. I had not been aware of it before and obviously it has been there for a number of years.


WOW! Beautiful colors! Thank you Ardy and hugs


Really pretty colors; maybe a Japanese Maple???


Beautiful tree.

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