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Me, my siblings, and 2 of my 50+ cousins.


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My family moved when I was 9, so then cousin visits were not often.

don't remember playing with many that weren't kin
we have some happy memories
not many cousins left and don't see them much any more


Thank you Fay. I'm glad it brought back some good memories for you. Oh my goodness, wouldn't your grandfather be in shock to see the way they farm now?
Even from when my dad farmed part time back in the 50's and 60's, it is night and day different. They now have such big machines, they can barely drive them on the road.


A lovely photo to evoke happy memories jals. I have 12 maternal cousins, 3 same age group as me, and we have lovely times talking of our holidays together on our Grandparents farm. We four are in our 80s, times were certainly different back then, no tractor, just a lovely draught horse for ploughing etc. Ahhhhh, memories, those were the days. Be well, jals, Fay.


Well, Donna you should go with your gut!


I think it was much easier for her to manage with 5 kids, Michelle!


such special memories - funny how our moms had us all with short hair ☺☺☺☺


Nope. That's my oldest sister.
I'm the one not facing the camera. They didn't do retakes back then. lol


Can you guess which one I am?


Thanks Francine. We had a pretty happy childhood.
Thanks Donna I think for the most part we were happy. Living on the farm.


Thanks Bobbie! There were some really pretty thunderheads when we came home after spending time with James on Sunday. I couldn't get those in the car while we were driving. I tried though.


Everyone looks happy. Cute, all of you. Thanks for sharing with us, Judy.


Great pics. today, Judy Love the sky and the garden. :)


Thanks everyone. We moved when I was almost 9 and so cousin visits were a lot rarer. The 2 on the left are the cousins. The rest are me and my siblings. Since there is a younger cousin that belongs to this family, I'm thinking his mom might have been giving birth to him and that is how the other 2 wound up in a photo with us.




i enjoyed my cousins


Love this! Great memories of my cousins. I don't think many of the children these days have the privilege of growing up with cousins close by.


Such a happy bunch, great memories for you Judy thank you☺☺


Thanks Iris!