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Cat shaming series

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Right on!

No food at 5am. You get fed when I get up.-----------------Molly

Sure seems that way, PD. :)

No explaining their behavior sometimes, 6tc. You have quite the tribe or is that a pride. :)

Now that's a lot of cats, HJalmar. You must have a lot of mice. :)

Me either, Val, unless it was to stop that behavior. :)


I would not have got up☺☺


We could put a month's food out and they to nibled (30+ cats)


I too leave dry food out, mine nibble and don't gorge, but there's still something about "new" food. I put some in the bowl when I get up, and they are always interested. If one's eating in one bowl and I put some in the other, it switches. :)


Funny how a full belly calms everything down!

Yes, a very pretty cat with great fur. :)


That is an adorable, contented cat! -- Carol


We have always left dry food out all the time, and only one female cat has gotten chubby. They take it for granted. We still get wake up bounces on the bed for wet food breakfast, tho. LOL -- Carol

Sounds like good advice, redina. :)

Did that too, after they were with us awhile. Some of them would eat everything in sight for years after we found them. They didn't know if there would ever be more food. Once they started leaving food in the bowl and not eating every bit of it, we would leave food out over night.

Dry food was left out all the time, there were no 5 am alarms...Sherry :)))


His humans were trainable. He should keep them. :)

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