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Silk Yarn!! ~ Octomom`s size

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  1. Franc1:47
  2. monicaarmintrout2:10
  3. stones2:20
  4. mags1792:20
  5. rosie272:31
  6. kaz12:37
  7. Kate992:40
  8. Abolvig2:42
  9. Spike2:48
  10. madera2:54


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Oh, yay! Another person who appreciates unusual colours! Thanks Hester. :))))


Mmm, in this size I'm with Jan. I love the top centre for it's understated beauty. Really pretty. Thanks Kirsten. :-)


See? That's what I love about your "artist's eye", Jan. I can't imagine anyone else raving about the bottom left, or the top middle. They're not "pretty" enough. I am so lucky that you, and Mariasha, love that kind of thing. Thank you. And consider them yours, my friend. :))))


I am in awe! Kirsten - this is so fabulous that I, literally, went to the big computer to blow it up even bigger. It is amazing the details of the threads that come through. The whole left column is "to die for!" the upper row center is surprisingly lovely and of course the turquoise ones are beautiful. So, I guess you can give the other 3 (even the purple one...sigh) to someone else.....But hurry, before I change my mind!! LOL


Thanks Mariasha!! I can always rely on you to like the slightly unusual - along with Jan. And with an artists eye, appreciate things like texture. I have to confess to working pretty hard on these kaleidos to ensure that the "thread" came through. About 2 hours work only netted around 40 kaleidos, because the final image wasn't good enough, so they were rejected. But I'm really happy with the ones that made it through and the final results. Anyway, blah, blah, blah. LOL

I should stop typing now, and finish with saying that I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)))

What reflects light and is nearly as luminous as! That's what drew me to painting on it. These colors are fantastic, and the puzzle was fun to do as well. Thanks again Kirsten, for another delicious bit of fun!


Thanks Barb! I like to do a pastel every second puzzle or so. Otherwise they end up all looking a bit samey. I whipped this one up this afternoon, and had a lovely time with the silk yarn. I've got a bunch of other kaleidos that will make lovely bold puzzles one day too. And now I best go and see what you've been up to! :)))


Hi Kirsten, another lovely puzzle today. I've always had a fondness for what I think of as your pastel puzzles. If I had to choose a favourite, perhaps the 'turquoise' one (middle right). :-)


I made this today, Gail. I had another puzzle poised to post, but the colours were too similar to yesterdays. I don't like posting things that looks the same all the time. So I whipped this one up this arvo. I've got enough leftover kaleidos to make another few puzzles which is good. And they're in nice rich colours. And you can rest assured, that no critters will ever be harmed in the making of my puzzles. LOL. :)))


Such a wonderful puzzle. I love your silk yarn. And no animals were hurt in the making of this puzzle, unless you count the silkworms...

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