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In a Pinch

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  1. monza0061:52
  2. carthill2:01
  3. caanan2:11
  4. groovingator2:29
  5. Jorja3:01
  6. skoots3:05
  7. kilfinan3:22
  8. An_T_Raine3:27
  9. katmar3:52
  10. cherylc4:02


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Josiescorner, glad you liked the design and hope that you had fun with the puzzle.


Thank you Mandy :-) I do indeed see your little person on the diving board!!! Also thank you for pointing it out to Josiescorner!!!!! I have been away for some time.


Carthill, sorry for the very late reply!!!! I will have to check out your puzzles. I have been away for quiet some time.


Josie, Its a yellow person, with their arms out in a V shape standing on the very end of a pink diving board. Situated exactly between the top of the whole image and the top butterfly (repeated upside down beneath the butterflies). I hope that helps!! :~)


Oh my, this is frightening, nice design, but I don't see anybody.


Lovely puzzle, Kathy, thanks. Do you see the person poised on a diving board right in the centre at the top (and upside down at the bottom)???


Nice one Kathy. Must go and do some work now, I'll tune in later this evening and post some puzzles.

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