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This is Ziggy, Sue's cat. We built this new rock garden this year and Ziggy loves to sleep on the rocks. It makes my back hurt just looking at her. We guess she likes it because the rocks absorb the suns rays and she likes the added warmth when she sleeps. She also sleeps next to that cat figure to her left that is formed out of forks and spoons.
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  1. KatrinBehrends7:01
  2. racoonstar8:37
  3. olando8:46
  4. ljcowles9:37
  5. nanlein9:52
  6. iss4610:01
  7. slavka110:05
  8. qwert1234510:36
  9. Sqbadiva11:09
  10. seagirl712:06


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Awesome photo, Terry. Ziggy looks very happy and relaxed and I can relate to seeing cats sleep in all kinds of positions and places. Our cat sleeps on his back when on the sofa, sometimes on his side with his head on the side of the arm of the sofa (which looks as if he would get a "crick" in his neck, and he prefers cool places to warm. He will NOT sleep in a cat bed but will sleep on the foot of my bed at night but switches to the hard surface of the quilt chest at the foot of my bed by morning. :-))) Cats are so funny but very sweet. Thanks for sharing one of Ziggy's favorite places to sleep. She is a beautiful kitty.


Cats do know how to relax! Looks as though her (his?) shoulders and head are in a soft spot...and the rocks aren't dark, so the heat is probably minimal. Good kitty!
Dusty : )

Sooooo Sweet!


Great shot. It shows how a cat can sleep anywhere without any pain. My friends had a cat who loved to sleep on the radiator. I love the cat figure:-) Vips

Priceless photo! Wonderful backstory. Only a cat owner could related to Ziggy! One would think with fur cats wouldn't be so attracted to warm places, but no... Thanks!

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