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1954 Saturday Evening Post Cover

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Stevan Dohanos (May 18, 1907, Lorain, Ohio – 1994) was an artist and illustrator of the social realism school, best known for his Saturday Evening Post covers. *October - 1954 "No Passing"
Why this advertisement?


  1. iluvpzls1:42
  2. era41:51
  3. Jbertho2:13
  4. farrell2:15
  5. nmcrossman2:19
  6. mailaudie2:21
  7. jals2:22
  8. Ianto2:25
  9. Cootje602:38
  10. 66pony2:39


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Thanks, farrell! I didn't think to google it. Wow! That would be some reward!!!


Oh Oasis...I just googled says "$100,000.00 in 1954 had the same buying power as $879,275.09 in 2016" ...fantastic! Thanks :)))

In the upper right-hand corner of the magazine cover, they refer to a $100,000 reward---and notice also that the magazine itself cost 15 cents. Just imagine the present-day equivalent of that $100,000 reward, if today's magazines cost about $9.00!!


Thanks Oasis...I love that Pinto story too! (he he) ~ Lori

I love the picture AND the Pinto story. Ahhh the good ol' days!




Ha Ha Ha ! What about Jeri's aunt Pinto ???


All these old drivers should not be allowed on the roads except me. SO THERE. LOL!!!


Ha Ha Ha ~ Did you lean on your horn??? OMG! So funny! (Poor Aunty Pinto!) :))))


I've been behind plenty of cars that go so slow... one time I was about 6 or 7
cars back.... cussing like crazy... and when it was my turn to pass... guess what..?
It was my elderly aunt holding up the line of cars...poor old soul... driving her
little Ford pinto...then I felt bad...

Why this advertisement?