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Hi everyone

Thank you so much for all of your beautiful and very creative birthday puzzles, that you took the time to make for us - along with your kind messages that took us by our hearts.

They always do, and we always read your messages and talk about them. So, know that you are all much appreciated!

A quarter more people have been engaging in conversations since Marts 2020 on Jigidi. This kind of change is rare on a website like Jigidi. Changes usually happen at a much slower pace, but when you think about last year's events, it makes sense. Many of you mention that the past year has been rough and the experience of isolation has made you appreciate Jigidi maybe more than ever.

We are very pleased that you have used Jigidi to mitigate the effect of isolation and reached out to one another with kindness and empathy.

Now, here in Denmark, it's winter and quite cold. Mette and I are freezing our butts off, and we could use some warm weather. So, to take the top off, I searched for a nice cosy picture of a fireplace, but the ones I found weren't attractive enough. Instead, I made this jigsaw puzzle of a really really hot object that we get a glimpse of from time to time.

Enjoy :-)
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  1. marisela8:12
  2. Videl8:15
  3. greenwaite8:59
  4. peggy1449:28
  5. brightspark9:33
  6. montuos9:39
  7. robf9:41
  8. mcgeer7110:08
  9. LenaDC10:13
  10. BubbaLou10:22


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Looking at this puzzle makes me feel all warm. After Storm Eunice here yesterday, it looks like it maybe sometime before we see the sun again, as wet windy weather is here to stay for a while yet. So thank you for the warmth.


This pandemic has hit us all very hard with loss of loved ones and many days spent at home seeing no family or friends - Jigidi has been such a blessing to all of us - keeping our minds and fingers busy for hours on end and keeping us in touch with friends all over the world ☺☺☺ Thank you so much dear Magnus and Mette - you are so special to me and to everyone on Jigidi - and thanks to you my dear @Capnjack - I truly cherish your friendship too ♥♥♥♥♥




It's hard to believe another year has passed with the pandemic still hanging on! I know I've said it many times, but only because it's true - Jigidi is an awesome space and I thank you for your efforts in keeping it a "safe" place. Brightspark said it all and she is one of the most marvelous benefits to me personally. She's a friend halfway around the world and I cherish her friendship - thanks to you. Thanks so much, once again, Magnus and Mette! ❤❤❤


@Magnus HAPPY 15th Birthday Dearest Magnus and Mette - another year and once again a VERY BIG THANK YOU TO YOU for our beautiful and most wonderful and Beloved Jigidi site, this last year has been hard on all of us and it issuch a pleasure to come to jigidi day in and day out and communicate with our friends from all over the world and to solve and create awesome puzzles ♥♥♥♥ May You both be blessed with good health and happiness always xxxxxxx much much love Brightspark and Spaklightie (michelle) ♥♥♥♥


Let's toast some marshmallows!

How do I find out how many followers I have?


DEAREST MAGNUS & METTE ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AWESOME FUN PUZZLE - here in South Africa we have had miserable weather for the past week due to a cyclone in Mozambique which is 1000's of miles from us - gale force winds, lots of rain - some area have been flooded, no sunshine and we are in the middle of Summer. So thank you for sending us warmth and sunshine. Once again thankyou for our awesome puzzle site - you so much appreciated now more so than ever ♥♥♥♥ Brightspark and Sparklightie xx God Bless, keep well and stay safe


Ah, so nice warm. ☺ Thanks Magnus. Ank (cold and wet Netherlands)♥


Great puzzle, Magnus, thank you!


Thank you for the sun Magnus .. I got to see the real one today for probably 1/2 hour .. It is always fun to make a card for you Mette and Jigidi .. It is cold here in central Ohio USA so I can relate to freezing your butts off .. Sur will be glad to see spring get here as then we know the warmer weather is right around the corner .. Hugs to you both ..


Thank you for the heart warming sun. I am getting to enjoy sunshine today that is melting off our snow and making the day feel warmer. Thank you again for the joy of Jigidi community. grins!☺


?? were supposed to be hearts! Go figure! LOL


And today is National Puzzle Day in the USA. Isn't that a coincidence? Or did they decide to have a National Puzzle Day after they observed how popular Jigidi is??!! I so appreciate the whole spectrum of Jigidi - the solving, the creating, the communications, the caring and the gift of taking my mind off the unpleasant situation we are now in! Thank so very much. ??


Magnus, you've found the ultimate bun warmer. I hope it makes you guys feel more comfortable. Thanks!


Couldn't resist giving this sunny puzzle a try - it was fun, thanks! My time 20:03.
I am grateful to the Jigidi birthday puzzle posters for giving so many of us a chance to express our birthday wishes and thoughts to you and Mette, Magnus.
I am impressed by the increase in conversation engagement here at Jigidi since March, 2020. Hope that has generated some warm feelings within you! ☀️☺︎☀️


Now that's HOT!!!! Thank you Magnus and Mette. Glad you enjoyed the birthday parties for Jigidi. ♥♥


Much appreciated. Thank you, Magnus. Hope you and Mette keep warm and dry. Wanda

Jigidi staff

@puzzeljac @Capnjack @ringleader @irisriver @pkin38 @brightspark

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