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Jamie: Finally I could claim a corner of the bed!

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Yep, he's making himself at home! :)) AND yes, that belly does like belly rubs & scratches.
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  1. webpeggy3:24
  2. DeDonder3:25
  3. babray3:31
  4. hadzi3:52
  5. niccat44:12
  6. LokiB4:19
  7. janejig4:27
  8. calluna4:28
  9. Erzulis4:31
  10. Impie4:31


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He is such a character! AND that belly is as soft as it looks! :))


Such a luscious belly too!

Hes' a sweetheart I want to rub that belly too.

You're right, beyondwords.

What a pleasure--for you both!

I will do it! He is such a pill. If I'm at the desk and he wants loving, just stop because he's going to get in my arms and stay there till he's done just rolling over & over, back to belly. :)))


Jamie is so cute. ♥♥

P.S. I just hate that I didn't get the notifications of your 4 puzzles. I have you as followed and still I missed out!!! I'm glad I once in a while go through my 'followed users' and found you in the end. Will you please give Jamie a belated belly rub from me, thanks ♥♥

Nancy & Anne, you are both right on both counts! He just keeps getting cuter


Today a corner, tomorrow the world! (or at least more of the bed..haha) :D Adorable....very relaxed....pretty cute tail, too!


And how irresistible that belly looks, too!

Patsy, they are just under 8 months old. They were born about April 5 or 6th. He and TJ both are such sweeties as are sisters Colleen & Jet, but there 2 have really come out of their shells

How old is Jamie in this photo? I'd love to reach out and give him a belly rub and experience those feet around my hand.
Thanks for a great quartet of puzzles today! -Patsy

Peggy, it is a good belly to rub and when you do he just wraps those feet around your hand! So sweet!


Oh I want to rub that belly!

He can!


Looks like he can have some fun chasing that tail!

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13 February 2018 - 6 July 2016
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